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About Tradedog

When it comes to professional investing the preservation of capital should be a core focus of your trading plan. Strategies with this core focus on preserving capital rank as the best long term performing assets. This is where hedging strategies designed by experienced trading analysts with proven track records really make the difference. If your trading strategy is consistently successful irrespective of market direction then your capital is better preserved and divested into more educated investments for capital growth.

TradeDog has assembled an elite team of experienced professional traders and analysts with experience across Global markets, multiple industry verticals, and various asset classes. Our traders and analysts are continually assessing, researching and testing trade models using technical and fundamental analysis to create improved trading results. This intelligence is continually fed into our machine learning models to increase the precision of market movements.

Project Analysis

Digital assets and decentralized networks have the potential to redefine the relationship between innovators, investors, and users in unprecedented ways. This paradigm shift can usher in a new wave of value creation, but with these opportunities comes substantial risks of scam projects. To solve this challenge of identifying the profitable opportunities in this ever changing space, we employ a dynamic, multi-disciplinary approach to build market intelligence, and product understanding with reference to decentralized systems. Using this information, we develop institutional grade research reports on projects that differentiate themselves with a clear value proposition, path to adoption, and strong underlying economics. These reports are both a look at the project - what it is and what it's setting out to accomplish as well as a high level look at challenges and opportunities facing the project given the current industry landscape and materialsWe seek to enable retail investors with the right information to make profitable investment decisions.

Trade Alerts

Trade alerts for shorter time frame investments provided by our professional team of TA traders. Our trade experts employ technical and fundamental indicators to predict price movements. Risk is a crucial aspect of investing so all our trades come with clear guidance to ensure risk mitigation. Our unique 3 exit price strategy is designed for maximising positional trades and profits. If you're an experienced trader looking for that extra edge, or a beginner needing complete support then our service is ideal for you. Start today by signing up on our dashboard.


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