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Ethereum- The Bedrock for the Global Banking Infrastructure

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Ethereum has to date emerged as the global infrastructure provider in the Blockchain ecosystem allowing the DeFi and other applications to be built on it.  It’s novel and first of its own kind smart contract architecture enables the two parties to transact with each other eliminating the need to trust any third party. Follow TradeDog for more insights on Twitter and Tradingview. With the governments across the globe being in a doldrum on their stand…

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Exante secures a Media Partnership with TDeFi for the Global DeFi Congress

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TDeFi is pleased to announce that EXANTE will be the media partner of its Global DeFi Congress. EXANTE is a financial and technological company that provides market access and professional services to institutional investors, asset/wealth managers, brokerages and investment funds. The firm helps business es to expedite their financial operations by providing access to over 50 markets with effective risk management tools. TDeFi will be teaming up with EXANTE in…

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This week’s top stories on GameStop Stock and Reddit Traders

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We’ve seen the meteoric rise of altcoins and their emperor, the bitcoin. We’ve seen tremendous engagement and value locked in DeFi protocols. But we haven’t yet seen the true power of the people that drove an asset class all the way up. We are referring to Gamestop stock that has seen phenomenal growth and caused hefty losses to some institutions. This event has become such huge news that Wall Street…

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TDeFi onboards Drife in its DeFi acceleration program

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We are pleased to announce that TDeFi has incubated Drife in its second cohort. Drife is a blockchain-based ride-hailing platform that is addressing the inefficiencies and privacy concerns in the major cab providers such as  UBER, OLA and others. Since centralization is one of the pressing concerns in the modern world, Drife aims to establish a new mobility ecosystem where consumers’ privacy is reinforced and sustained while also enabling drivers…

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LINK shoots up by 25% to new ATH on the suspicion of Grayscale Chainlink Trust

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LINK has already breached its previous ATH levels of 23.76 and at the time of writing, it is trading at 24.50. It has appreciated by more than 110% in the last 20 days alone. In the last 24 hrs, LINK is ~12% up and the current rally can be associated with the announcement of Grayscale forming the Chainlink Trust. See also:  “How to use technical Indicators to Trade in Crypto…

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TDeFi onboards SingularityDAO in its DeFi acceleration program

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We are pleased to announce that TDefi has incubated SingularityDao in its second cohort. An accelerator and mentorship program for DeFi and NFT startups, TdeFi provides a platform with world-class resources and ecosystem support to the upcoming ventures in the Defi ecosystem. SingularityDAO’s is incentivizing the purchase of high-quality smaller-cap cryptocurrencies for bringing more liquidity to corresponding tokens and increasing the inflow to promising projects. Founded by the visionary Dr….

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Beginners Guide on how you use Uniswap in 2021

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Crypto markets have demonstrated to be more interesting and high yielding than any other traditional indices. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is another region of protocols on blockchains built to provide uninterrupted access to decentralized financial services. The DeFi industry is valued at $24.85 bn at the time of writing and projected to double that in the coming time. So let’s talk about DeFi, its origins, how to add liquidity to high-yield…

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TDeFi Onboards DeFiPie in its Second Cohort

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TDeFi onboards DeFiPie in its second cohort. The project provides combined access to Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS), Liquidity Pool-as-a-Service (LPaaS) AND Staking-as-a-Service (SaaS) on one platform. Dubbed as ‘The SuperApp of DeFi’, DeFiPie enables effortless navigation in the DeFi space by integrating data from countless services and protocols. Co-founded by Aleksei Kopievskii (Software Dev) and Maksim Malikov (Blockchain Dev), DeFiPie’s major intent is to enable anyone to access a suite of highly…

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Guide to Mastering Crypto in 2021: Bitcoin Analysis

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Back in the days when bitcoin was just a fancy idea, $1 could fetch early responders with as high as 1,630 BTC (12/17/2009) and as low as 737.82 BTC (11/13/2009). Don’t try to put the value in perspective or you might get mild cardiac arrests. BTC ruled the digital asset economy with only a handful of people knowing about it. Things got kicked up and BTC started gaining traction amid…

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Futures & Options Expiry worth $2.5 Billion in 2020

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Featured: BTC, Future and options,100k BTC expiry, Option chain analysis. Overall, 2020 has not been a great year for economies around the year, almost all the stock indices plummeted massively due to Covid-19 pandemic which resulted in lockdowns, financial instability among countries. But, this large scale hustle and bustle in traditional markets has resulted in re-emerging of the non-conventional assets like cryptocurrencies. Crypto markets are the only asset class which…

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