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9 proven tips to Secure your Cryptocurrency Wallet and prevent hacking in 2020

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The crypto industry has been hit by massive hacking attempts in the past that continue to this day. Shady hackers have stolen close to $11 bn since 2011 from unsuspecting exchanges and induced great unrest among investors & wallet holders. The first hack happened with Mt GOX when it lost close to 2000 BTC. Crypto trading is profitable if expert and tested crypto trading strategies are used. But before foraying…

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The Game of Coins- Game of Thrones Edition

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How does your favourite Game of Thrones compare with cryptocurrencies Last week we compared the events of Game of Thrones with the events in the crypto industry. The former is a fiction show by HBO while the latter is a productive ecosystem of numerous blockchain and crypto-assets. Upon reading, many of our users that both shared stark similarities and that they liked the plot when compared with each other. Here…

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Welcome to Cryptocurrency Game of Thrones Edition

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve almost certainly seen or heard about Game of Thrones, the biggest blockbuster series of the last decade aired by HBO, Sky TV and many other major channels. Game of Thrones has many striking similarities with our very own crypto industry. From the show’s character development, tactics to claim the throne, persuasion and of course lust for power is quite similar to what…

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A peek into the world’s top crypto exchanges and their leaders

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With the advent of bitcoin, other altcoins soon registered their presence in the crypto markets and the need for trading them increased at a rapid pace. There are more than 250 centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges in the world today which are responsible for huge trade volumes and liquidity across the industry. It is quite easy to set up an online exchange which is a driving factor in their growth…

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