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Risk is a crucial aspect of investing. Trade alerts for shorter time frame investments provided by our professional team of TA traders. 

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5 Options Strategies to Limit Losses and retain high Upside Potential

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Crypto Options trading strategies involve buying or selling multiple options contracts at the same time to optimize invested positions, hedge risks and profit from anticipated market movements cost-effectively. Options contracts have two forms: call and put options. A call option gives the buyer the right to buy the underlying asset at a given strike price, while a Put option gives the right to sell the underlying asset at the strike…

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10 Types of Orders in Crypto Trading and why should you try them all?

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Orders are the foremost thing before initiating any trade on the asset of your choice. One of the most common types of orders in crypto markets is ‘limit orders’ that enable users to buy and sell digital assets at a given price. There are many order types for different traders that depend upon their specific need and risk appetite. Traders can also leverage stop-loss which protects their capital from losses…

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How to find A suitable Cryptocurrency Trading style that Works for You?

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How can you minimize risks and trade crypto safely? You can by learning about different styles of crypto trading. Crypto trading is on the buzz since the whole world is in lockdown, and traditional investors are selling their stocks and holdings. We are certain to see a surge in new enthusiasts who would leverage the high return associated with crypto markets. There are ’n’ number of trading styles or rather…

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Few ways to avoid Market manipulation and balance your crypto trades

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The rise of digital assets and their introduction to the wider consumer base has bourne numerous exchanges that serve the interests of brokers, custodians, and proprietary asset holders as primary marketplaces. As a investigation puts it, more than half of the ICOs commenced in 2017 are now defunct which tells us the inherent properties of these digital-money backed offerings and trading volumes across exchanges. With the flourishing number of…

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3 major things to know before trading cryptocurrencies

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Interest in cryptocurrencies has been on the rise throughout this decade and almost everyone who uses the internet has come across the word ‘Bitcoin’. This interest had something to do with the huge surge in the number of ICOs or ‘Initial Coin Offerings’ wherein blockchain projects would raise millions of dollars by offering crypto tokens in exchange for Bitcoins and other digital currencies. In a span of a few years,…

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How to trade cryptocurrencies with beginner-friendly technical analysis

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The novice crypto trader’s guide to market indicators Crypto traders use different technical indicators when analyzing a specific cryptocurrency of their interest. While there are hundreds of different options to choose from, traders must zero in on those indicators that work best for them. Advanced traders may sometimes combine several technical indicators with more subjective technical analysis such as analyzing charts as mentioned here to get trade ideas. These technical indicators are…

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The Importance of Psychology in Crypto Trading

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Learn about the impact of psychology in crypto trading and other market fundamentals to keep you focused while performing bets on trades. Whenever people sit before their monitors to initiate trades, there are many feelings and thoughts that strike their heads. They get anxious, some get motivated, some fear losses while some keep their heads cool and let their strategy work for them. Your internal belief systems are highly responsible…

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How do Price Corrections and Hype impact your Trading and Investment?

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Everybody is interested in crypto trading ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the traditional markets hard, but many may not be aware of the pitfalls crypto trading entails. There are normally thousands of crypto traders active on crypto exchanges who bring in millions of dollars of trade volume in a day. This count is expected to grow since the world is slowed down by the recent pandemic which has…

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