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Futures & Options Expiry worth $2.5 Billion in 2020

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Featured: BTC, Future and options,100k BTC expiry, Option chain analysis. Overall, 2020 has not been a great year for economies around the year, almost all the stock indices plummeted massively due to Covid-19 pandemic which resulted in lockdowns, financial instability among countries. But, this large scale hustle and bustle in traditional markets has resulted in re-emerging of the non-conventional assets like cryptocurrencies. Crypto markets are the only asset class which…

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The Game of Coins- Game of Thrones Edition

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How does your favourite Game of Thrones compare with cryptocurrencies Last week we compared the events of Game of Thrones with the events in the crypto industry. The former is a fiction show by HBO while the latter is a productive ecosystem of numerous blockchain and crypto-assets. Upon reading, many of our users that both shared stark similarities and that they liked the plot when compared with each other. Here…

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Hi Hodlers, where are you?

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Unless you have left for Mars, you may have come across the news that India’s judicial body, the Supreme Court has finally lifted the ban from the entire crypto trade and investments. This is a hearty moment for the crypto enthusiasts, policymakers and advocates who have been working tirelessly to reanimate the crypto scene in India. TradeDOG would like to applause everybody whose time and effort was put into reviving the stagnant…

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