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Risk is a crucial aspect of investing. Trade alerts for shorter time frame investments provided by our professional team of TA traders. 

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Few ways to avoid Market manipulation and balance your crypto trades

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The rise of digital assets and their introduction to the wider consumer base has bourne numerous exchanges that serve the interests of brokers, custodians, and proprietary asset holders as primary marketplaces. As a Forbes.com investigation puts it, more than half of the ICOs commenced in 2017 are now defunct which tells us the inherent properties of these digital-money backed offerings and trading volumes across exchanges. With the flourishing number of…

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Shitcoins 2020: Avoid before you get scammed

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There is Bitcoin, there is altcoin and then there are ‘Shitcoins’ and here’s how to flag them. ‘Shitcoin’ refers to the useless cryptocurrencies that add no value to the crypto ecosystem but take away a huge chunk of investors money into their deficient projects. It further degrades the sanctity of the entire crypto markets by going either in the dead coins list or trading significantly below their market entry price….

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How do Price Corrections and Hype impact your Trading and Investment?

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Everybody is interested in crypto trading ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the traditional markets hard, but many may not be aware of the pitfalls crypto trading entails. There are normally thousands of crypto traders active on crypto exchanges who bring in millions of dollars of trade volume in a day. This count is expected to grow since the world is slowed down by the recent pandemic which has…

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