Sentiment Analysis

TradeDog recognizes the impact of investor sentiment when it comes to trade decision making. Our AI technology uses natural language processing to evaluate the market for positive or negative bias. We constantly monitor market sentiment and provide our clients with a weighted score to cryptocurrency news and opinions to demonstrate how much impact on prices we feel is likely to occur. We provide our opinion as to the most likely direction investor sentiment is going. This analysis is a valuable asset for all traders in removing the frustration of non-technical market forces.

More than any other market, cryptocurrency is heavily impacted by market sentiment, certain phases such as FOMO, hype, and rekt are just a few emotional led words used excessively in this market to demonstrate investor sentiment. There is a greater level of inexperienced investors speculating in the cryptocurrency market and therefore are highly influenced by this kind of sentiment. We use the combination of this knowledge and our experience of growth and established markets to help our clients be more prepared for the fluctuations you get during explosive and also slow drawn-out movements in either direction.

Crypto Surveys and Twitter Sentiment Analysis, also known as ' Opinion Mining, ' analyzes conversations, opinions and points of view to determine business strategy, political analysis, and evaluate public actions.

Our algorithm uses proprietary machine learning and natural language processing technologies to go through 700,000,000 tweets every day to extract feelings on cryptocurrencies.

VADER is an excellent tool to facilitate the study of emotions. We do mood analysis on Reddit using it with the NLTK Python bundle. The rating varies from -1 (very negative) to 1 (very positive).

Latent Dirichlet Allocation. We have implemented the LDA system on approximately 48,000 news articles with 27 topic CME and COT Report, Bitcoin VIX.