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Trade Model
Trade Dog - Trade Model With our reinforcement ML algorithm, the sudden surge and tank
moments which happens in the crypto market periodically can also be
captured with less risk and more rewards.
Reinforcement ML Model
Options Market Hedged
Spot Market Stable
Future Market High Risk
Market Experts
High Profitability

Trade Signal

TradeDog- Market Experts Market Experts
  • Options Market
    Hedged Returns
  • Stable Returns
    Spot Market
  • Future Market
    High Risk Returns
High Profitability TradeDog- High profitability crypto trading model


With our reinforcement ML algorithm, the sudden surge and tank moments which happens in the crypto market periodically can also be captured with less risk and more rewards.
platform-merch Market Experts
ML Signal
High Profitability platform-ali

About Us

When it comes to professional investing the preservation of capital should be a core focus of your trading plan. Strategies with this core focus on preserving capital rank as the best long term performing assets. This is where hedging strategies designed by experienced trading analysts with proven track records really make the difference. If your trading strategy is consistently successful irrespective of market direction then your capital is better preserved and divested into more educated investments for capital growth.

TradeDog has assembled an elite team of experienced professional traders and analysts with experience across Global markets, multiple industry verticals, and various asset classes. Our traders and analysts are continually assessing, researching and testing trade models using technical and fundamental analysis to create improved trading results. This intelligence is continually fed into our machine learning models to increase the precision of market movements.

Project Analysis

Digital assets and decentralized networks have the potential to redefine the relationship between innovators, investors, and users in unprecedented ways. This paradigm shift can usher in a new wave of value creation, but with these opportunities comes substantial risks of scam projects. To solve this challenge of identifying the profitable opportunities in this ever changing space, we employ a dynamic, multi-disciplinary approach to build market intelligence, and product understanding with reference to decentralized systems. Using this information, we develop institutional grade research reports on projects that differentiate themselves with a clear value proposition, path to adoption, and strong underlying economics. These reports are both a look at the project - what it is and what it's setting out to accomplish as well as a high level look at challenges and opportunities facing the project given the current industry landscape and materialsWe seek to enable retail investors with the right information to make profitable investment decisions.

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Trade alerts

Trade alerts for shorter time frame investments provided by our professional team of TA traders. Our trade experts employ technical and fundamental indicators to predict price movements. Risk is a crucial aspect of investing so all our trades come with ... clear guidance to ensure risk mitigation. Our unique 3 exit price strategy is designed for maximising positional trades and profits. If you're an experienced trader looking for that extra edge, or a beginner needing complete support then our service is ideal for you. Start today by signing up on our dashboard.







Retail + Institutional


Retail + Institutional

Intraday and swing trading calls generated by our reinforcement Machine learning system as well as Expert trade set up will be given with targets, stop loss and leverage recommended.

TradeDog- Reinforcement ML Advice

Reinforcement ML Advice

TradeDog- Expert Advice

Experts Advice

Reinforcement Machine learning system & Expert trade Advice with targets and stop loss on USDT and BTC market pairs focusing on Swing and weekly time frames.


Reinforcement ML Advice


Experts Advice

Risk Mitigated Options advice and Single set Option advice on weekly and biweekly timeframes for BTC & ETH contracts.

Single Set Options Advice - TradeDog

Single Set Options Advice

Risk Mitigated Options Advice - TradeDog

Risk Mitigated Options Advice

Using a combination of fundamental, technical & Sentiment analysis, you will be recommended with positional trading opportunities.

Positional Trades - TradeDog

Positional Trades

We understand that financial needs differ from person to person depending on their risk appetite and return expectations. Our team of experienced financial advisors will make a tailor-made plan to fulfill your financial needs and investment expectations.

Independent Financial Advisors (IFA) - TradeDog

Independent Financial Advisors (IFA):

Lite Reports

Lite Reports - TradeDog

Request for quote' is applicable to our subscribers to whom we will provide reports focusing on key parameters that will help in making investment decisions on the desired project.

In-Depth Reports

In-Depth Reports - TradeDog

In depth reports include Detailed and exhaustive analysis of various parameters to assess the project and enable the user to make investment decisions.This also entails recommendations from our expert research panel.

Recommended Reports


Our research analysts are sharply observing the activities happening around in this ecosystem. Every month two reports on the projects selected by our team will be rolled out as recommended statements. The subscription will be for a minimum of 6 months

Trade Genre

Trade Genre Graphic - TradeDog

Trade Types

Trade Type Graphic - TradeDog

Product Features

  • Trade definitude - TradeDog

    Every trade we provide in our platform comes along with the Trade definitude, which ensures the profit probability.

  • Reinforcement ML Model - TradeDog
    Reinforcement ML Model

    The trades posted are directly generated by the reinforcement ML models that are adjusted with the market movements.

  • Profit Booking

    After each target has been hit trailing stop loss will be given out to ensure that clients doesn't miss-out any profit from the trade that can be obtained.

  • Market Liquidity - TradeDog
    Market Liquidity

    We make sure there is enough liquidity in the market calls that we give for our clients to give entry in the best possible range for maximum benefit.

  • Risk Mitigation

    Our advice are risk-hedged in order to minimize the losses from trade during unexpected movements.

  • Sentiment Analysis - TradeDog
    Sentiment Analysis

    Trades that are posted also gauges the market sentiments around the crypto space.


Sentiment Analysis

TradeDog recognizes the impact of investor sentiment when it comes to trade decision making. Our AI technology uses natural language processing to evaluate the market for positive or negative bias. We constantly monitor market sentiment and provide our clients with a weighted score to cryptocurrency news and opinions to demonstrate how much impact on prices we feel is likely to occur. We provide our opinion as to the most likely direction investor sentiment is going. This analysis is a valuable asset for all traders in removing the frustration of non-technical market forces.

More than any other market, cryptocurrency is heavily impacted by market sentiment, certain phases such as FOMO, hype, and rekt are just a few emotional led words used excessively in this market to demonstrate investor sentiment. There is a greater level of inexperienced investors speculating in the cryptocurrency market and therefore are highly influenced by this kind of sentiment. We use the combination of this knowledge and our experience of growth and established markets to help our clients be more prepared for the fluctuations you get during explosive and also slow drawn-out movements in either direction.

  • Sentiment Analysis - TradeDog

    Crypto Surveys and Twitter Sentiment Analysis, also known as ' Opinion Mining, ' analyzes conversations, opinions and points of view to determine business strategy, political analysis, and evaluate public actions.

  • Algorithm - TradeDog

    Our algorithm uses proprietary machine learning and natural language processing technologies to go through 700,000,000 tweets every day to extract feelings on cryptocurrencies.

  • mood analysis on Reddit - TradeDog

    VADER is an excellent tool to facilitate the study of emotions. We do mood analysis on Reddit using it with the NLTK Python bundle. The rating varies from -1 (very negative) to 1 (very positive).

  • Latent Dirichlet Allocation - TradeDog

    Latent Dirichlet Allocation. We have implemented the LDA system on approximately 48,000 news articles with 27 topic CME and COT Report, Bitcoin VIX.

Media Aggregators

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How many Trade Advice do you provide per day? How many Trade Advice do you provide per day?

Depending on market opportunities we provide up to 5-10 Advice per day (including bot and manual Advice ) across all products.

On what basis are the Trade Advices being created? On what basis are the Trade Advices being created?

Team of 6 experienced traders diligently do technical analysis, fed into our Machine learning models to extrapolate precise market movements.

How to use your Trade Advices? How to use your Trade Advices?

Our premium calls will be mailed to the subscribers with entry, exit, stop loss, expert remarks and a few more details based on your subscriptions.

  • -- Try to stick to the prices in the Trade Advices.

  • -- Buy the pair in the given price range to attain the maximum profit in the trade if missed by a certain range get entry depending on the risk/reward ration given in the Trade Advices.

  • -- Target (1,2,3) – sell targets. The target you choose depends on your trading style. The first target- less profit, less risk. Last target- more profit, more risks.

  • STOP-LOSS – Highly recommend using stop loss. In the case of the market fall, it allows losing 2-5%.

What else do I need to know? What else do I need to know?

Kindly note, our Advice is not meant to be professional investment advice and must be used at your own risk. Cryptocurrency investment is a high market risk.
TradeDog is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of the use of our trading Advice. Advice should be used in combination with your own risk strategies and decisions.

We reserve the right to change the monthly fee at any time without prior notice.