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Key Takeaways from the TDeFi’s International DeFi Pitch and Demo days

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The International DeFi pitch and Demo Days, a 4-day event held at Ritz Carlton Dubai saw various DeFi protocols and NFT startups pitch their ideas in a virtual live stream. Hosted in partnership between the Agora Group and TDeFi, the event saw over 30 pitches and AMA sessions from evolutionary startups identified across decentralized apps, yield aggregators, price oracles, cross-chain bridges, payments, insurance, virtual collectibles, and many more. Our attempt…

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International Demo Day for DeFi and NFT Ventures by TDeFi

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If you are a DeFi/NFT venture who is aiming to scale up the operations working along with world-class mentors and industry experts then this accelerator program is nothing less than a gift to you.  TDefi in partnership with Agora Group brings to you the world’s first DeFi pitch and demo week. Meet the mentors and Pitch your idea while the world watches you online. Apply Now to participate and get…

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Ethereum Hard fork 2020 or an unintentional chain Split?

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As per the reports issued by third-party infrastructure providers like Infura, Binance, and Blockchair at block height 11,234,873. On Wednesday, 11th November, the majority of the Ethereum DeFi network went dark after a latent bug in the Ethereum code split the transaction history of thenetwork. Blockchair CEO, Nikita Zhavoronkov also tweeted about the incident in a thread that explained the situation with Ethereum concerning the hard fork. Find the in-depth…

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TDeFi onboards OroPocket for its Acceleration Program

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TDeFi onboards OroPocket, a universal alternate investment platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade digital assets. The startup bridges the gap between real-world traditional assets and DeFi in a way that brings decentralized banking at your fingertips. Formerly, OroPocket has transformed into a fully compliant, blockchain-integrated, third-party ensured platform that aids users in diversifying their portfolios. Dubbed as the ‘Gateway to Financial Freedom’, OroPocket enables access to…

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TDeFi Enters in a Partnership with Agora Group

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TDeFi, the world’s first virtual acceleration program for DeFi and NFT businesses has entered in a strategic partnership with the Agora Group, a platform that connects disruptive startups to middle-east investors. The Agora group connects startups with Arab investors in the Global Blockchain Congress. Startups shall gain access to the ecosystem partners such as the private office of Dubai, and a large congregation of investors, thinkers and decision-makers in these…

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TDeFi onboards POP Network in its Acceleration Drive

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TDeFi is pleased to onboard yet another venture in its acceleration drive that is challenging the $312 billion streaming media economy. Meet POP Network, an ecosystem of AI applications underpinning the blockchain technology. The POP Network is against the control of modern media that is getting even more polarized as we talk. The Cali-based startup is set to disrupt the centralized media streaming infrastructure that constitutes 80% of all traffic…

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Average Joe’s Guide to Understanding Non-Fungible tokens and ERC token standards

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Programmable tokens are most widely found on the Ethereum platform and in late 2017 a new class of tokens called the NFT was introduced to the blockchain with a slightly different ERC-721 standard. Those who are well versed with the crypto ecosystem may have come across the term Non-Fungible Assets, but for those oblivious, this blog is for you.  NFT usually work in conjunction with dApps and have grown exponentially…

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TDeFi onboards DFyn for its Acceleration Program

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TDeFi, an acceleration program for DeFi and NFT projects has onboarded DFyn in its cohort. We are pleased to introduce ‘DFyn’ which is a first community-governed, low-fee AMM exchange on layer 2 protocol (Matic) that gives users access to the best yields across the major pools. DFyn propagates various scaling solutions to address the largest hassle Ethereum was born with. Dubbed as Fair DeFi, the startup is concocting a platform…

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xBTC: In-depth Project Analysis

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Reimagine Digital Assets, Revolutionize Finance Project Overview Two prominent solutions for-protecting capital investment in volatile markets such as Digital Assets are hedging and indexing. Although there are various financial instruments available that offer these features separately via options and index funds, a single financial instrument that provides the benefits of a viable hedge and growth index fundis still not available. xBTC is a product created by Social Capital that uniquely…

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The wild west of DeFi: Yield Farming in Liquidity Pools

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Harvesting the best crypto crops through patience and effective strategies The concept of HODL has changed since the emergence of DeFi. Now hodlers can utilize their holdings to earn passive income by either providing liquidity to DeFi liquidity pools or make money by staking their cryptos in different smart contracts. Yield farming is a similar concept- to put your money to good use and make constant returns through Annual Percentage…

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