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‘Not Your keys, Not Your Coins’, The Differences between DeFi and CeFi

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Centralized Finance- You Have internet? Good! But hey, you have to go through a stringent process of verifications and laws before you can use our financial services. Decentralized Finance- You have internet? Welcome aboard and start interacting. Period! The long-existing economic imbalance due to traditional monetary policies paved the way for digital and decentralized assets which then yielded the Decentralized finance. Being centralized, the traditional space of borrowing and lending…

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TDeFi: A DeFi Acceleration Program

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DeFi is on the surge. With so many applications and protocols to benefit from, DeFi is addressing the long-standing inefficiencies in centralized and traditional finance. TradeDog sniffed this trend and created a new DeFi accelerator program to augment innovative DeFi startups with Industry-backed growth, strategic advisory, token governance, growth hacking and partnerships. Check out the accelerator program here.  TDeFi is inviting DeFi startups to capitalize on unparalleled growth and support….

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TDeFi: Accelerating DeFi, Fostering Innovation

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Fairly nascent yet evolutionary, DeFi is the bedrock of digital collateral. The far-reaching implications of Defi have opened numerous pathways to sustainable development and profuse capital investment. The DeFi industry is poised to disrupt every nook and cranny of the traditional mechanism we call banks. TradeDog, an institutional-grade research and advisory firm, sniffed this trend and started working on an “accelerator of the future” program. TDeFi is a platform for…

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SWAPPING ‘SUSHI’- Investing liquidity to earn passive income

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Sushiswap founder Chef Nomi copied the open-source code of Uniswap to make Sushiswap. It was meant to be exactly the same as Uniswap except that it added a token named SUSHI which will be rewarded to Liquidity Providers and token holders. What is Uniswap? Uniswap is a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) in which any token(ERC20) can be added by funding it with an equivalent amount of ETH. By this process, it…

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Top 5 DeFi projects becoming the bedrock of new-age digital collateral

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Note: Figures are subject to swift changes concerning the inherent volatility of digital assets Fairly nascent, and competitive enough to challenge and disrupt the centralized finance, Defi is your next-gen money market minus the hassles of banking. With ~8 bn USD worth of digital assets staked as collateral, Defi platforms are creating an interactive and highly connected ecosystem of unsecured borrowing and lending. Open to everyone, the Defi ecosystem addresses…

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Trend 2020: The dawn of Decentralized Finance

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Continuous printing of paper money by the government is making it lose its intrinsic value. DeFi is changing that with ample protocols, through insurance, liquidity mining, staking, borrowing, lending and much more. Paper money needs stringent laws and a singular monitoring body to verify transactions and manage assets. DeFi being cryptographic assets, do not require any monetary policies or trust to manage the entire money in a given system. You…

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Investment Analysis of Ethereum: August 14, 2020

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Monthly Chart   Observations  Current price is at around 400 which is near to a strong multi-year resistance range of 420-440 which needs to be broken by forming a long green candle to indicate uptrend strength. Fibonacci Retracements levels also confirm the importance of these resistance levels. The price is coming off a Double Bottom pattern near the 150 levels which further gives strength to the long-term uptrend continuation. Volume…

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Beware of these 10 scams in the Cryptocurrency industry

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Fake Exchanges The term ‘fake’ if introduced with the word exchange, can make anyone go frantic as consumers entrust their millions of dollars with them. Crypto markets are rife with nefarious activities that have duped many investors claiming to be Exchanges with extremely competitive prices. Investors looking for a potential opportunity are lured into thinking they are getting a particular asset at the most reasonable price and end up losing…

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The interesting world of Decentralized apps

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From digital assets proving their mettle to the seamless world of the blockchain ecosystem, the cryptocurrency domain has seen worthwhile development and an unceasing surge in value and adoption. Blockchain, the game-changing distributed technology of the decade has had a great impact on how the world views business, technology and finance. One of the most striking aspects of the blockchain is the inception of dApps or ‘Decentralized applications which are…

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5 Options Strategies to Limit Losses and retain high Upside Potential

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Crypto Options trading strategies involve buying or selling multiple options contracts at the same time to optimize invested positions, hedge risks and profit from anticipated market movements cost-effectively. Options contracts have two forms: call and put options. A call option gives the buyer the right to buy the underlying asset at a given strike price, while a Put option gives the right to sell the underlying asset at the strike…

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