LRT Protocol Renzo’s Token $REZ to Launch on April 30


The overall DeFi sector has witnessed a phenomenal surge with its total value locked (TVL) reaching a two-year high of ~ $172 billion in the Q1 2024. This growth can be attributed in large part to the rise of liquid restaking protocols (LRTs). LRTs allow users to lock up their staked Ether/LST or liquid staking tokens to earn rewards without losing the flexibility to use them in other DeFi applications.  Liquid restaking protocols bridge this gap by offering liquid tokens (e.g., ezETH for Renzo) in exchange for staked assets 

The meteoric rise of liquid restaking is evident in data from DeFiLlama. The TVL of LRTs reached an all-time high of $10.6 billion in Q1 2024.  As of writing, the TVL of LRTs sits at a staggering ~ $10.36 billion, a monumental increase compared to just ~ $281 million on January 1st, 2024. This represents a growth of over 3,600% in just four months. Among the top players in the liquid restaking landscape is, a restaking protocol which saw a staggering 3,544% growth during the same period. This surge highlights the increasing demand for diverse solutions in the liquid restaking space.   

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Introducing Renzo

Renzo is another LRT protocol which emerged as a prominent player in the burgeoning world of liquid restaking. Launched in January 2024, the protocol has quickly gained traction within the DeFi ecosystem with a total value locked (TVL) of $3.3 billion. Renzo ranks as the second-largest liquid re-staking protocol, trailing only the established giant 

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The REZ Token Launch

Renzo takes a significant step towards decentralization with the launch of its native token, REZ, scheduled for April 30, 2024. This launch marks a pivotal moment, fostering a thriving Renzo ecosystem empowered by community governance. Notably, the REZ token will be distributed through Binance Launchpool. 

REZ holders will have voting rights on crucial governance proposals impacting the Renzo protocol, including risk management frameworks, asset allocation, operator whitelisting, and treasury management. Users can claim their REZ tokens on April 30, 2024, based on their accumulated ezPoints during Season 1 of the ezPoints campaign. The official claim link will be accessible on Minimum ezPoint requirements and disqualification rules for Sybil wallets and manipulative behavior will be enforced.

Season 2 and Beyond

With the REZ token launch and the conclusion of Season 1, Renzo is poised for an exciting future. Season 2 of the ezPoints campaign kicks off on April 26th, offering new opportunities for users to earn REZ tokens. Additionally, a 10% boost will be awarded to Season 1 participants who maintain their ezETH holdings The REZ token launch signifies a significant milestone for Renzo. With the REZ token launch and its debut on the Binance Launchpool, Renzo empowers its community to actively participate in the protocol’s evolution, solidifying its position as a leader in the liquid restaking landscape. By empowering its community through a robust tokenomic structure and rewarding long-term participation, Renzo is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory and contribute to the advancement of the DeFi landscape.


The REZ token launch and the kick-off of Season 2 mark a transformative chapter for Renzo.  The rising popularity of liquid restaking tokens (LRTs) underscores this potential. Total value locked (TVL) in LRT protocols skyrocketed from just ~ $281 million to ~$10.36 billion in Q1 2024. This surge is further fueled by airdrop programs and token launches from leading LRT projects like Swell and EtherFi. With the launch of REZ, Renzo adds to this momentum, solidifying the trend of LRT adoption and its potential to reshape the future of DeFi staking.

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