DeFi Q2’21 Sectoral Watch

DeFi Sector

The second quarter of 2021 proved to be one hell of a ride for the DeFi sector wherein investors and traders experienced a rollercoaster of emotions and price action. However, the sector development remained positive as the dApps built on Ethereum and Polygon network continued to grow under bearish market sentiments. 

DEXs volume continued to gain momentum in the quarter amid the market crash. They were successful in pulling off trading volume from their centralized counterparts and the growth accounted for an 83% gain since the previous quarter. 

To know more about DeFi and related development in the second quarter of 2021, access our TradeDog Sectoral Watch in which you will find detailed information and analytical aspects including: 

  • Report Overview 
  • DeFi recap 
  • Key developments 
  • Fundraising by DeFi ventures 
  • Analyst’s Remark 

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