From Memes to Masterpieces: Delving into Funny PFP NFTs


NFTs have been an innovative emergence when it comes to decentralized ownership. As the concept became mainstream and popular among crypto degens, web3 influencers, and GenZ worldwide, many people preferred to use a funny or gimmicky character as their virtual identity/profile picture (PFP). 

In this blog, we will learn about the funny vertical of these unique ERC-721 assets, also called Funny NFTs, and dive deep into the use cases, virality, and top collections.

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What are Funny PFP NFTs?

A funny PFP NFT is a gif or a jpeg photo minted to an NFT, representing a funny reference, joke, character, or meme. These NFTs can be produced and gathered in the same manner as other NFT types, but their primary purpose is to amuse and entertain.

Cartoon creatures, animals with exaggerated features, and memes reimagined as NFTs are a few examples of humorous PFP NFTs. These NFTs are available for purchase and sale on various NFT marketplaces. Like all NFTs, their value is primarily governed by supply and demand.

Before investing in or gathering hilarious PFP NFTs, as with other sorts of NFTs, it’s crucial to conduct your study and understand the risks and potential returns.

Use Case & Virality of Funny PFP NFTs

Funny PFP NFTs serve as digital collectibles that allow individuals to express their sense of humor and personality through their online avatars. They provide a way for users to differentiate themselves and stand out in the digital space by using unique and amusing profile pictures. These NFTs can be displayed on social media platforms, forums, and virtual worlds, allowing individuals to showcase their creativity and comedic style to their online communities.

The virality angle of funny PFP NFTs lies in their potential to go viral on social media platforms. Since humor is highly shareable and relatable, funny PFP NFTs have the potential to attract attention and gain popularity rapidly. Users who find a particular funny PFP NFT amusing are likely to share it with their friends and followers, leading to increased exposure and potential adoption of the NFT.

The concept of PFP NFTs, including funny PFP NFTs, gained significant traction by introducing projects like CryptoPunks, among the first NFTs to gain widespread recognition and value in the market. PFP NFTs sparked a surge in interest and participation in PFP-based NFT projects, leading to the emergence of various PFP NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Meebits, and Pudgy Penguins. 

PFP NFTs, including funny ones, are often released in large quantities during drops, creating a sense of scarcity and excitement among collectors and enthusiasts. This combination of scarcity, humor, and community engagement contributes to the virality potential of funny PFP NFTs.

Top Funny PFP NFTs



As clear by its name, the collection is a funny collection of 5.2K NFTs originating from GoochIsland. Influencers like Arthur Hayes, Meltem Demoirs, CryptoCobie, and others own these NFTs. The collection was listed on Opensea in 2021, highlighting a total volume of 16K ETH with 1.8K owners.

Goons of Balatroon 

In a world of copy/pasted, generative, 10k collections, Goons of Balatroon stands apart! By saying ‘no’ to overused traits and yes to memes and humor, this NFT collection allows owners to embrace their wild inner side. Each Goon NFT is unique and instantly recognizable. Great art meets memes, and hilarity ensues. Goon NFTs are the entry point to a world of utility, gaming, and opportunity. Luxurious peacocks and tribal furs await, say yes to badass with a tatted goon, or heat things with a lava Goon. 

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Goon NFTs are more than just good fun and great looking; they open the doorway to a free-to-play trading card game, GameFi, a land-based battler, and many ways to earn. The collection has done a massive sale, amounting to a total volume of 3.6K ETH and 2.8K holders. 

​​Boring Punks

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Launched recently, BoringPunks is a 9999 NFT collection made to pay tribute to the legendary CryptoPunks, on its 6th anniversary. The NFT collection hosts 117 handmade traits, generated 1 to 1 with Punk, and merged the ‘boring’ vibe of the BAYC collection. At the time of writing, the NFT collection depicts a total volume of 2.1K ETH and 3.1K owners.

Closing Thoughts

Conclusively, funny PFP NFTs are humorous profile picture non-fungible tokens that serve as digital collectibles for individuals to express their sense of humor and personality online. These NFTs have gained popularity due to their unique use case and the potential for virality through humor and social media sharing. 

Considering the current markets, the action on the NFT side has certainly slowed down than before. However, the community still is confident that the action will bounce back once the market recovers from the bear run. Alongside the rise of meme coins like $PEPE & $DOGE in the crypto space, one thing is sure memes are here to stay in the crypto realm, and so are the meme-ish funny NFTs which hold the massive potential of signifying identity on social media. However, it is advised to always look through the market sentiment before investing in such assets. 

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