GameFi Q1’22 Sectoral Watch

GameFi Sector

Blockchain games maintained a steady usage level despite a challenging scenario. The hype for the metaverse by Facebook’s rebranding to Meta in Q4 2021 increased the price of metaverse tokens. DppRadar reported that blockchain gaming received over $2.5 billion in venture funding and investor interest in Q1 2022. Ultimately, fantastic gaming and powerful in-game economies with a high degree of economic flexibility may enable GameFi to withstand the challenging circumstances of 2022 and continue to draw new players. 

To know more about GameFi in Q1 2022, access our TradeDog Sectoral Watch in which you will find detailed information and analytical aspects including: 

  • Report Overview 
  • Overall GameFi Market Performance 
  • Chain Performance 
  • Metaverse Performance 
  • Funding Analysis 
  • Rising GameFi Projects 
  • Analyst’s Remark

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