How TradeDog Simplifies The Crypto Ecosystem For Traders, Institutional & Retail Investors?

The Crypto market can be very rewarding and also very brutal for retail investors and traders. This is what is meant when the word “volatility” is used in regards to the industry. For context, the volatility of the gold asset is around 1.2%, and other major currencies average between 0.5% and 1.0%, but Bitcoin in the last 30-Day has been estimated to have an average volatility index of 6.26%. A more relatable example was when In January 2021, Dogecoin increased by over 800% in 24 hours and then almost immediately, the price dropped by more than 500% the next day. While it is relatively easy to start your journey/career trading crypto assets, the need to know what you’re actually doing cannot be overemphasized. Especially for beginners.

Preserving your capital should be a priority when you venture into the world of investing. When you’ve got your capital, you know you can always go trading again. So in your trading plan, knowing how to hedge your trade and keep your capital safe is one of the surest ways of being consistently successful. 

Step in TradeDog!

TradeDog is a Cryptocurrency Market Intelligence firm that has an experienced team of professional trade and investment analysts who specialize in compiling on-chain, off-chain and social sentiment data for crypto assets. These compiled reports are prepared for investors (retail and macro) to help them make informed investment decisions. Many researchers in the past have revealed that prior due diligence is of utmost importance before narrowing down on the most plausible digital assets. TradeDog, thus, helps retail investors realise the best opportunities in both bull and bear markets.

TradeDog has an elite team of experienced and professional traders and analysts across multiple industries and the global markets researching and running different models of trades that will yield the best outcomes using technical analysis and fundamental analysis. With TradeDog’s Reinforcement Machine Learning algorithm, intelligence is regularly fed into the machine learning models to enable the capture of pumps and dumps that will happen in the crypto market. In essence, increasing the precision of how market movements are predicted and reducing the trader’s risk while increasing the reward in the process. 

How TradeDog Help Retail Investors 

Whether you’re a beginner or a retail investor looking for support and guidance in making trading decisions or you’re a professional who’s been in the cryptocurrency trading space for some time and looking for that extra edge to help you step up your game, TradeDog’s trade alerts has got the perfect solution for you. 

As a retail investor and trader looking to ride on swing and intraday trades, TradeDog’s team of professional technical analysts provides short time frames investments for you to jump on. Recognising the fact that risk is a crucial factor in any form of investment, all of TradeDog’s trade signals come with clear guidance and instructions as to how a user can ensure they mitigate risks when applying those calls. 

The firm has a unique 3-exit price strategy that is designed to help you maximize your positions in your trades and ensure you keep taking profits. Using this strategy, subscribers of Tradedog’s trade signals had a quarterly profit of 702.68% for the first quarter of 2021 and saw a cumulative profit of 106.73% for the month of May 2021. With 22 signals generated in the month of May, TradeDog had a 63.6% accuracy after seeing 14 signals become profitable.

How TradeDog helps retail investors-
TradeDog trade signal with 3-exit prices
Source: TradeDog

TradeDog Research

In the world of investing and finance today, an average investor has to go through the rigours of researching multiple sources to get access to data and also make sense of that data. This is where TradeDog Research comes in. TradeDog produces institutional-grade analysis and investment reports that are prepared with due diligence and without any bias. TradeDog offers its community and subscribers a plethora of services ranging from Insights to Newsletters to advisory services. All of these are structured in a way that helps the investors bridge the knowledge vacuum and help them reach their financial goals with pinpoint and accurate guidance.

  • TD Insight 

When a newbie first gets introduced to the Blockchain concept, it can be very hard to understand, especially if that person is not a technology enthusiast. This is where TD-Insight can help. This product breaks down topics that are rather complex and helps to create awareness among crypto enthusiasts and people looking to invest in the industry.

  • Sectoral Watch 

This is an overview of the different sectors and notable projects that are in the driving seat in the crypto space that’s sent out to TradeDog subscribers every two weeks. News, latest updates, inventions and trade advice are broken down on institutional investment funds. Some examples of the different sectors covered in this report are DeFi, Gaming, NFTs, Oracle networks etc. 

  • Lite Reports 

In Tradedog’s Lite reports, project-specific reports that are unbiased and focusing on the technical and fundamental aspects of those projects are covered. A basic overview of a project, problems that exist in the crypto ecosystem the project is looking at solving, and the unique solution the project has come up with to solve those problems are what is covered in the Lite reports. The tokenomics of a project and its impact on the future potential of the token are also covered in this report.

  • In-Depth Report 

This is a complete investment report that is very project-specific and is focused on providing expert analysis and data that helps investors and retail investors make informed decisions on the projects to invest in. The main idea behind the In-Depth report is to provide investors with a shortcut to the right decisions while helping them save time and efforts. TradeDog implements different quantitative models that help to unearth gems and prospects that have got huge growth potential.

  • TD-Daily

This product is a tri-weekly content that is mail driven and is focused on providing expert analysis of news and events that has the potential to impact the crypto markets. Users can also identify the latest trends in the markets and retail investors can identify the best opportunities without any hassle.

  • Newsletter

This is a weekly digest whereby TradeDog provides bits of the news, top performers and events of the past week that will help our users and subscribers to understand the market sentiments at the time. Subscribe to our Newsletter to understand where the trends are gravitating and get access to exclusive content for free.


All of the services offered by TradeDog are designed with definiteness that ensures the user’s probability to be profitable is high. These trades are generated by the reinforcement machine learning models that follow market movements and the advice are all risk-hedged. TradeDog is a sure way to be profitable in your trading career with little or no stress at all. TradeDog has been crucial in providing the necessary market insights to traders and retail investors with just the right approach.

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