Key Takeaways from the TDeFi’s International DeFi Pitch and Demo days

The International DeFi pitch and Demo Days, a 4-day event held at Ritz Carlton Dubai saw various DeFi protocols and NFT startups pitch their ideas in a virtual live stream. Hosted in partnership between the Agora Group and TDeFi, the event saw over 30 pitches and AMA sessions from evolutionary startups identified across decentralized apps, yield aggregators, price oracles, cross-chain bridges, payments, insurance, virtual collectibles, and many more. Our attempt to create an international platform for emerging startups was a vital step towards bringing valuable concepts to the DeFi’s fore. TDeFi intends to mentor these startups in a way that it will positively impact the future of decentralized finance.

TDeFi incubated 5 projects in its pilot cohort wherein it has made advances into expediting their growth, expansion into the crypto markets, exploring current opportunities and challenges, all to create a more inclusive and transparent financial ecosystem.

The DeFi narrative

TDeFi international pitch days-Key Takeaways from TDeFi's Virtual Demo and Pitch days-

Held from Dec 2-5, the event was virtually attended by 1 mn eyeballs, in a congregation of family offices, VC funds, 600+ investors, 48+ family offices, traders and more. With numerous sessions, Q/As, pitches, AMAs, discussions the event concluded with the final Demo Day on Dec 5.

By removing the need for intermediaries and central authority, the DeFi space is gaining traction across the globe. Since DeFi gives open access to new-age financial opportunities driven by automated functions, any protocol operating in the ecosystem can offer lower costs, higher security & privacy, resist censorship, promote democracy and open accessibility.

Let us see how these startups pitched their ideas to a broader community.

Pitch Itinerary: Day 1, Dec 2

Timings in UTC + 4:00

The opening day of this event was attended by our mentors David Marshall and Matty who sat through the presentations and orchestrated an open discussion between viewers and startup representatives. Here is the chronological order of the startups who appeared on the live feed and pitched their ideas.

18:00 – 18:30

Opening remarks: Value is in the eyes of the beholder ~Matty

Matty came along and provided his insights on the crypto and DeFi ecosystem. He gave a quick overview of TDeFi’s pilot cohort wherein OroPocket and xBTC have been performing really well in the markets. He went on to explain the different aspects of NFT startups, the markets they are tapping into, the value they are offering to the ecosystem, their evolution potential, etc.

You can watch the complete session on our official feed

18:30 – 18:45

Pitch by Gather Network

Gather Network allows publishers to monetize without ads and provides businesses & developers access to cheap and reliable processing power. Thanks to blockchain, it is now possible to financially reward viewers for visiting websites and using applications. By opting to Gather’s hardware layer, visitors can loan their spare computing power whilst on the website/app. As the user spends time on the website/app, value is generated through the network’s application layer, with payouts in Bitcoin, GTH or local fiat currency.

18:45 – 19:00

Pitch by Oro Pocket

OroPocket is an alternate investment platform that enables users to buy, sell, and trade digital assets. The startup brings decentralized banking at fingertips by allowing users to interact with real-world traditional assets underpinning the DeFi ecosystem. Formerly, OroPocket is now a fully compliant, third-party insured platform that helps users diversify their investment. Dubbed as the ‘Gateway to Financial Freedom’, OroPocket enables access to digital assets and precious metals in a decentralized manner. With OroPocket, anyone can invest in Gold and Silver with as little as 1 cent and engage with a slew of other financial assets that were usually out of reach of the average crypto investor.

19:15 – 19:30

Pitch by Inbloxme

It is quite difficult to log on to decentralized applications, keeping track of the seed phrases and differentiating between public and private keys. Inbloxme has come up with a simple solution to sign in to the Ethereum network using just one password. Inbloxme empowers users to store and access various wallets on the same platform and allowing seamless management across multiple protocols, you can access all your wallets from inbloxme dashboard. Inbloxme has omitted the need for complex alphanumeric wallet addresses and replaced it with just one handleName, a unique identity that enables transactions on Ethereum, sign up on dApps without using additional plugins, or complicated addresses. The Handle name service enables you to not only store all your wallet addresses but also sign in to Dapps without downloading any other plugin. Inbloxme pays for the transaction fee on its user’s behalf when generating a new inblox ID wallet. Your new wallet is non-custodial that means only you control your funds and identity.

19:30 – 19:45

Pitch by Font Community (NFT)

Font.Community is a decentralized community of Font designers, users, buyers and speculators on Ethereum. The platform enables users to buy, sell, and trade fonts, and font owners can borrow assets against their font from other lending protocols. In Font community, creators can transfer the ownership of their font to anyone on the platform. Creators on Font community can split the ownership as shares and start selling to the users in the community. Being transparent & secure, owners can lend their font to earn interest and the native token $FONT when they create a new one. The project is a radical approach to censorship and proprietary control wherein investors can fund the fonts of their choice and use them for free for testing or personal. The native governance token $FONT has a max supply of 2,000,000, half of which is distributed to creators through font mining.

20:15 – 20:30

Pitch by Finx Flo

Finx Flo is a licensed and regulated exchange & DeFi protocol aggregator created to help users access the best asset prices in a seamless ecosystem. Being a global brokerage with newfound efficiency, transparency, and security, Finx Flo aggregates prices from leading exchanges and eliminates market distortions to offer optimum prices(buy and sell) for all orders. Users get the advantage of accessing multiple exchanges using one account, wallet and KYC. Finx Flo enables Seamless Trading, Zero Withdrawal Fees, Dual-Chain Interoperability (communication and data transfer between two different blockchains), Staking and yield farming, Dark pool Trading (privately organized exchanges for trading assets that are not accessible by the regular investor), Insured Custodial Storage and increased liquidity.

22:30 – 22:45

Pitch by Lune Finance

Dubbed as the ‘Initialized Decentralized Offering’, Lune Finance has eliminated the need for spending in IEO listing, ICO advisory, and other such services by enabling the community to vote and decide the release of funds. The platform is giving a fair and equal chance to the community by deciding what’s best. Projects intending to raise money can pitch their products to the community after their details have been locked away in a smart contract. Projects are evaluated by the community on a First Come First basis past which it is decided whether the project will move to the investment stage or shunned with a proper statement. The community vetted projects would then appear on the radar of investors who will have access to its details such as the return of investment, ratings, etc. To make it a fair and transparent platform, only three startups shall be available to invest every week. Lune Finance assures its investors and community in every aspect, for instance, the platform encourages Controlled Release of the funds. Under this feature, investors can choose to release funds intermittently, pause the funding process, restrict future fund release, and completely withdraw their interest and get their funds back in case of growing doubts.

23:30 – 23:45

Pitch by YOP Finance

Yop.Finance is Yield Optimization Platform & Protocol that is split into yProtocol: Yield Optimization Protocol and yPlatform: Yield Optimization Platform. yProtocol is a proprietary mechanism that allows participants access to yield markets. The protocol offers Dynamic Portfolio Management (reducing positions in the worst-performing assets and adding positions in the best-performing assets) with Automated IL protection (impermanent loss which prevents the investor from getting rekt when a liquidity provider suffers a temporary loss from the volatility in a trading pair), seamless aggregation and reward protocols.  Yop.Finance challenges poor UI/UX of protocols, lack of aggregation, higher fees, lesser arbitrage opportunities, data transparency, and intends to offer a premium user experience by connecting its users to a broader farmers market, good liquidity, live aggregation, pricing & community engagement and much much more in one platform and an app that optimizes farming and staking. 

With so many evolutionary projects on day 1, presumably, these pitch days went amazing due to mind-expanding conversations with industry leaders, investors, professionals, startups founders and eminent personalities.

Keep track of our next blog to read more about other interesting projects that stole the show in the consecutive TDeFi Pitch days and the final Demo Day.

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