TDeFi: Accelerating DeFi, Fostering Innovation

Fairly nascent yet evolutionary, DeFi is the bedrock of digital collateral. The far-reaching implications of Defi have opened numerous pathways to sustainable development and profuse capital investment. The DeFi industry is poised to disrupt every nook and cranny of the traditional mechanism we call banks. TradeDog, an institutional-grade research and advisory firm, sniffed this trend and started working on an “accelerator of the future” program.

TDeFi is a platform for your next big Defi project that will unlock new opportunities, introduce you to TradeDog’s ecosystem that comprises an immense network of capital funds, institutional & retail investors, influencers, users & strategic partnerships and ecosystem support. Through the TDeFi program, we would help the incubated projects to take the lead in the DeFi landscape by complete ideation, development, governance, mentorship and much more.

What TDeFi Offers?

Broadly, TDeFi accelerator provides access to World-Class Mentors, Industry Connections, Technology, Marketing & Community, Exchanges, liquidity and growth hacking partnerships. In addition, we will assist the projects in the following verticals:

Token Advisory

Our team will assist the selected ventures in designing growth-oriented token economics and shape up token utility. With a vast network of trading firms, traders and liquidity providers, the TDeFi Alliance can help bootstrap liquidity for early-stage DeFi projects. Even after the listing process, our team will assist in growth hacking and adoption.

Ideation and Mentorship

Our panel of mentors and advisors from the Crypto Ecosystem and veterans from traditional finance will equip the venture with the required regulations and compliances, user adoption, Strategic Partnerships, technology support, fundraise, exchange listing etc. 

Banking Solutions

The TDefi ecosystem will provide access to fully compliant crypto banking solutions to safeguard the venture from any possibility of downtime, high latency, third-party involvement, huge costs, etc. to ensure immutable audit trail. Enterprise banking services will garner users from across the globe and attract investments even from traditional asset investors.

Apply here to be the mentor for the TDeFi accelerated ventures.

Investor and community connection

Building and maintaining institutional relationships to strengthen your course of development and sustainability. Mainstream recognition is the foundational aspect of project expansion, community engagement, and investor approval. Our network consists of Institutional investors, VC Funds and some of the most respected influencers in the crypto community that have the potential to garner an audience for the project.

Regulatory and Compliance

Multi-polar governance and regulatory compliance are prerequisites to sustaining your project in the long term and proving your credibility to the investors and user base. We’ll assist you in getting regulatory approvals and Crypto banking solutions wherever required. 

Grants and Fund Raise

We will provide an initial grant and connect you to the pool of funds and investors to raise funds for your project. Our team will help you in preparing required documents like Pitch Deck, term sheet etc.

Best practices

Ensuring seamless administration of our mutual efforts for increasing positive outcomes and mitigating failures. TDeFi will equip you with the right resources to capitalize on premier industry knowledge, solutions and penetration.

Blockchain & digital asset technology has helped the common people rethink banking & investment. DeFi is already amplifying that. TdeFi welcomes you to ride the DeFi bandwagon with its flurry of services that are intended to augment and amplify your dynamics. Enable a  hassle-less entry to the forefront of Decentralized finance.

Pilot Cohort

Within a few days of the launch of TDeFi, we received multiple applications and we selected the following for the pilot cohort.

  1. XBTC:  Pegged to Bitcoin Market Cap Dominance MBCD, xBTC is a quick hedging solution for digital assets by utilizing a single token that provides investors with direct access to the most diversified portfolio. Through staking rewards and rebase Participants are rewarded for investing long term.
  1. OroPocket: Oropocket is a universal investment platform on the blockchain, that enable users to invest in digital assets and use them as real money, in real-time. Users can invest in instruments which might have been otherwise out of their reach, have multiple asset classes on one platform, pay negligible fees on near-instant cross border transactions, and have 100% liquidity on their assets.

TDeFi’s investment Portfolio

ACDX: A crypto derivatives exchange that offers more structured products, including futures spread contracts and Hong Kong index contracts, as well as offer support for multi-collateral for its contracts, i.e. bitcoin, ether, stablecoins, and decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens.

Persistence: Persistence bridges DeFi and Traditional Finance by facilitating borrowing of Cryptoassets using Real-world assets as collateral

Apply here to be a part of the TDeFi program. 

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