TDeFi adds Vulcan Forged in its Acceleration Program

tdefi vulcon forged

TDeFi, the first incubator for DeFi & NFT startups which has potentially accelerated 10+ startups including SingularityDao, DeFiPie, Drife, DeFi11 and more has onboarded another gaming-changing NFT startup Vulcan Forged in its second cohort of their acceleration program.

Vulcan Forged, dubbed as an NFT game studio,  is an NFT marketplace, dApp incubator and launchpad with over 10 live games and 12,000+ active gamers. Vulcan Forged appears in the top 5 NFT marketplaces and boasts over $8mn trading volume. Vulcan Verse is a virtual marketplace to buy and sell digital in-game assets and promotes the creation of blockchain games by supporting developers through its incubation and crowdfunding programs. Vulcan plans to foster exponential growth in the decentralized gaming ecosystem without having to worry about ever-increasing transaction and gas fees, which plagues most other platforms. 

Vulcan Forged has recently partnered with Polygon to launch its PYR token on its network. By using Polygon’s Layer 2 solution with PoS-based side chains, the Vulcan ecosystem intends to scale the platform for a huge and open universe of games, NFTs, collectibles and more.

The gaming platform has its own product called the Vulcan Verse which is set in the Greco-Roman era. It is a mythological open-world game that is intended to thrill hardcore players with its unique properties and intriguing plot. Players get to combat gigantic creatures, engage in battles, fight savages, unlock new assets, own and harvest lands and even sell them on the Vulcan marketplace. The theme of the game resembles the houses in Game of Thrones that were in constant turmoil for claiming dominion on the entire continent, something Vulcan Verse share the characteristics of to a great degree.

Vulcan Token Utility

Vulcan is fueled by the ERC20 based PYR token that is built as a settlement, staking, and gaming within the Vulcan ecosystem. PYR token is a utility token interoperable across game environments and allows holders to earn and engage with other games’ assets and rewards. Token rewards from other games shall enable holders to buy assets from VulcanVerse as well. PYR will be used in fee settlement, staking, Defi game launchpads, play-to-earn benefits, gaming platform pools, and discounted marketplace usage.

The PYR token will be available to purchase on Uniswap and Quickswap Dex at 4 pm GMT today. Vulcan Forged is also giving away 20 plots of virtual lands for early adopters and enthusiasts who can claim their lands by performing some social tasks mandated by Vulcan Forged. The platform is poised to take on the world of blockchain-based digital games with centralized gaming ecosystems.

With many worthy partnerships with Arkane Network, Vechain, Polygon, and more, Vulcan Forged has great ambitions to expand into a one-of-a-kind gaming studio with the perks of DeFi and NFT combined. Vulcan does have the appeal of inspiring creators, developers, and gamers to appear on the platform and create an ecosystem like no other. TDeFi is thrilled to work with the studio and experience a new paradigm of open-world fantasy games.

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