TDeFi Enters in a Partnership with Agora Group

TDeFi, the world’s first virtual acceleration program for DeFi and NFT businesses has entered in a strategic partnership with the Agora Group, a platform that connects disruptive startups to middle-east investors. The Agora group connects startups with Arab investors in the Global Blockchain Congress. Startups shall gain access to the ecosystem partners such as the private office of Dubai, and a large congregation of investors, thinkers and decision-makers in these conferences.

TDeFi’s partnership with the Agora Group shall help our portfolio ventures with a wide array of benefits such as funding, mentorship, growth hacking and more. TDeFi will enable the startups to anchor deep down in the crypto ecosystem for increasing performance and propensity for success. The TDeFi team strives to bring the best methodologies and practises so that the projects in our cohort can harness the power of industry connections and a slew of services aimed at growth and sustenance.

With a presence across the UAE and the middle east, the Agora group bridges people and ideas for getting access to funding and sustainable development. Agora is known to work in the digital technology industry, especially in the blockchain and DeFi ecosystems. Their industry connections with Accelerators, Family offices, High Networth individuals, VCs, and Crypto funds and presence of 30+ countries at the congress have made it easier for startups to gain quick traction, visibility and market penetration. 

Furthermore, TDeFi shall assist startups in our cohort with training, Talent acquisition, sales representation, marketing strategies, etc. Startups under this partnership will be evaluated, vetted, and prepared before these conferences for an impactful presence and communicating ideas more efficiently. This not only places startups in an investor-rich environment but also helps them build worthwhile connections with autocrats, investors, technologists, and visionaries.

TDeFi is pursuing something that leaves a legacy. Join us if you have an innovative project.

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