TDeFi onboards POP Network in its Acceleration Drive

TDeFi is pleased to onboard yet another venture in its acceleration drive that is challenging the $312 billion streaming media economy. Meet POP Network, an ecosystem of AI applications underpinning the blockchain technology. The POP Network is against the control of modern media that is getting even more polarized as we talk. The Cali-based startup is set to disrupt the centralized media streaming infrastructure that constitutes 80% of all traffic on the web.

The project addresses the centralization of corporations such as Amazon, Google, Netflix, Youtube, etc and plans to place the real power of media generation in the end user’s control. Since anybody can be a creator, anybody can earn crypto. POP is a tokenized platform that shall empower creators to monetize their unique talent and abilities in a decentralized ecosystem. Other platforms such as Instagram or Youtube just make money by showcasing content creators as revenue-generating machines. But with POP, the value of the created content goes straight to contributors’ wallets rather than as profits to these giants who claim dominion over the entire content industry. 

POP Network uses a Torrent-based Masternode Network as a streaming mechanism to store and stream all media. In an attempt to decentralize the web itself, the POP Network uses a Superdelegated Proof-of-Stake as a consensus mechanism for swift transaction processing and AI to protect on-platform content from harmful agents.

POP Network is dubbed as Filecoin for streaming as it is meant to power the streaming economy with incentivization and fair distribution of the wealth generated. Creators can contribute music, videos and podcasts and earn a fair amount of crypto in return in their Ethereum wallets until the mainnet launch. The project is enticing millions of content creators across the globe by allocating 25% reserves of its 1.6 bn POP tokens in a separate reward pool. This attempt will encourage early adoption and ensure that developers on the network never run out of resources.

How does POP Network work?

A content creator may not necessarily leave their immediate platform entirely. They may choose their desired video and connect it with the POP network in an exclusive offering and generate revenue for interacting. The content can then be shared on other central networks to facilitate even more earnings.

Masternodes, Delegates and SuperDelegates

By staking 50,000 POP tokens, anyone can become a Masternode to run the entire network with utter transparency and reliability. The first 1000 Masternodes are eligible to get huge incentivization which will aid in their allegiance to the network and bring initial stability to the platform Users or simply Masternodes shall be able to earn a 35% of all block rewards while engaging with this service. POP network Masternode is available to download on iOs, Android and Linux where anyone can connect with the blockchain and start generating valuable content.

Delegates who maintain and validate blocks on the network will be rewarded with 10% of all POP rewards. Elected by delegates, superdelegates perform a risk assessment of the entire content by running machine learning models and AI grids to prevent harmful or illegal content from finding its way to the platform.

Behind the Team

Valerian Bennett

Graduate of the film school at the University of Southern California, Bennet is the managing director in the POP project. Bennet bought his first bitcoin in 2013 and has worked in Hollywood for over a decade with Paramount pictures, Viacom and NBCUniversal.

Ming Li (Jacky)

Ming Li is an early adopter of major virtual currencies and a seasoned software professional with 10+ year expertise in enterprise software development in his homeland China. He has made credible contributions to DEXs, blockchain scalability and Web3 interactivity.

With a great value proposition, a decentralized content distribution network with ML and AI-infused mechanism, TDeFi believes that POP Network will immensely contribute to subsiding the monopoly of centralized and mainstream content platforms.

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