TDeFi Partners With The Technology Accelerator Future Tech

TDe.Fi is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Future Tech, which is an Accubits company. They are a technology solutions provider for governments, enterprises and also invest and build solutions for startups

The partnership comes in support of emerging technologies and protocols in the crypto ecosystem. Future Tech will be the technology partner for TDeFi, further expanding our technical spectrum, hence expediting client delivery. Our collaboration will strengthen market-leading technologies and services for the startups we have onboarded in our acceleration program.

TDeFi believes that our partnership will catalyze paramount progress when incubating DeFi & NFT startups with a deep understanding of bleeding-edge technologies. Their ability to build feature-rich and seamless ecosystems for projects they work with highly testifies their commitment to delivering operational agility and accelerating business outcomes.

About Future Tech & Accubits

They are a leading provider of a full suite of technology solutions to Governments, large enterprises and startups. Future Tech integrates the latest technologies, infrastructures, and software for delivering performance-oriented critical use cases for better business efficiency. Future Tech’s multi-faceted services are bringing impactful results in the crypto domain. The company hails from the US and has struck many partnerships with prominent names in the industry such as Hyperledger, Quorum, Ripple, Corda, Hedera Hashgraph and more. The company excels in AI, enterprise software development, robotics, automation, data analytics, blockchain technology, machine learning and offers Enterprise-Grade Security for robust protocols. Their products, Searchyf, RebuildTheChain, CoinFactory, etc., already are getting recognition in the industry. Future Tech also has a Whitelabel solution for launching NFT marketplaces called NFTFactory, which is powered by CoinFactory. Their solution empowers anyone to build fully customizable NFT markets with multiple token support such as ERC721, ERC1155, TRC721, dGoods, Neo and more.

About TDeFi

TDe.Fi provides access to World-Class Mentors, Industry Connections, Technology, Marketing & Community, Exchanges, liquidity, and growth hacking partnership opportunities to DeFi and NFT ventures to help them to grow at an unparalleled pace. TDeFi has successfully onboarded 15+ in our acceleration cohort, including SingularityDao, XFai, Vulcan Forged, XBTC, Oropocket and many more. More information on these startups can be found on our Blog Page.

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