TDeFi to co-host The Global DeFi Investment Summit

tdefi defi summit

TDeFi is coming to Dubai to co-host the Global DeFi Investment Summit with Gulf Excellence. The event shall take place on June 2nd 2021 in Dubai that is aimed at showcasing startups, ideas, and technologies vital to the crypto ecosystem. The 2-day event shall see 6 panel discussions, 2 pitch sessions, 25+ speakers and panellists, 6 keynote sessions with over 200 global attendees.

Gulf Excellence has made a great impact by producing B2B events, business conferences and delivering international trade expos worldwide. The Global DeFi Investment Summit will be broadcasted live across multiple platforms with combined access to 2 mn+ eyeballs. The speakers in this event constitute Anna Tutova, Arshi Ayub Mohamed Zaveri, Tim Draper, Justin Sun, and more. It will be a congregation of business advisors, investors, mentors and influencers with a common interest in decentralized technology.

About Gulf Excellence

GulfXellence is a prominent entity that facilitates certified professional training, particularly in the Fintech, Health Safety & Environment, Petroleum and Energy sectors. The team possess years of expertise in various industry domains such as Business Management, IT, B2B, Trainings, Finance and Administration and more. Their events are geared at strengthening business leaders through a hybrid platform where they can showcase and leverage their competitive values and ideas to a global audience. The platform’s certified training seminars and business conferences give a competitive edge. By co-hosting this DeFi Investment Summit, we shall provide ample exposure to potential DeFi startups. Startups shall gain early-stage capital, development, marketing, community outreach, grant programs among other services through our unparalleled efforts.

About TDeFi

TDeFi acceleration program for DeFi & NFT startups is contributing to launching the next wave of DeFi adoption through incubation and mentorship. Our veteran team of blockchain enthusiasts, mentors and professionals have successfully closed three cohorts full of 15+ DeFi projects. TDeFi has incubated many DeFi startups such as SingularityDao by Dr Ben Goertzel- the leading AI scientist behind Sophia Robot- Vulcan Forged, OroPocket, DeFi11, Drife,  xBTC, MassDeFi, and many more. We follow the principles of rigorous due diligence, screening, evaluation of the startups eager to enter our acceleration program. The DeFi startups from our cohorts that have entered the market are now driving mass adoption and engagement. The middle east is bustling with innovation and investment interests and we shall channel this interest to the DeFi startups through this grand event.

Metra Description:

TDeFi shall contribute to launching the next wave of DeFi adoption through incubation and mentorship in the Global DeFi Investment Summit.

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