The 7th Global Blockchain Congress ‘Celebrating DeFi & NFTs’ In Retrospect

The first day of the Global Blockchain Congress saw the presence of numerous personalities and speakers, crypto startups, investment vehicles, strategy officials, and decision-makers. The opening remarks were flashed featuring Rim El Aridi, Co-founder and MD of Agora Group, Daniel Santos, CEO Woonkly, and Gordon Einstein, Founding Partner, CryptoLaw Partners. The subsequent Keynote address was hosted by Ahmed Bin Sulayem who is the Executive Chairman and CEO of DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) which is now offering licences for crypto companies to operate in a seamless and rewarding ecosystem.

Let’s Take a look at the presentations of startups, their vision and value propositions to the world.

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Presentation 1

The future of regulation of NFT and DeFi projects
Daniel Santos – CEO, Woonkly

The 7th Global Blockchain Congress ‘Celebrating DeFi & NFTs’ In Retrospect-

Woonkly, the title sponsor for the 7th edition of the Global Blockchain Congress appeared first for its presentation of the day. Woonkly is a Decentralized Social and advertising network that eliminates intermediaries, making advertisers pay their consumers directly to watch their videos through cryptocurrency. He explained the intricacies of this revolutionary system and how advertisers and marketers interact for unprecedented results. Daniel Santos is a serial entrepreneur and a Youtuber of economics and geopolitics. Woonkly, through its flagship NFT marketplace product converts image, audio or any other file into a tradeable NFT and pegs the ownership of the same using a KYC of the holder.

Presentation 2

DeFi – Gamblification or Path to Crypto adoption
Baiba Broka – Chief Legal Officer, Mass DeFi
Shantnoo Saxsena – Chief Operating Officer, Mass DeFi

The 7th Global Blockchain Congress ‘Celebrating DeFi & NFTs’ In Retrospect-

The most anticipated presentation of the day was conducted by the frontmen of Mass DeFi, a project incubated under TDeFi. Mass DeFi is an ecosystem for crypto and fiat users to earn best in class yields, borrow money and shop at 0% loans through a completely decentralized platform. Mass DeFi is backed by some of the most acclaimed entrepreneurs and advisors in the industry having years of experience in various industries. Mass DeFi offers yields on Fiat and crypto holdings, low collateral loans, loans at 0 percent interest, lending or borrowing cash against crypto holdings, and insurance on collaterals.

Mass DeFi’s intent is to rip off the complexities of the DeFi sector and make it possible for anyone with an internet connection to connect and enjoy the perks. This presentation will help the end-user understand DeFi at a fundamental level and enter the DeFi space with full confidence, and thanks to Mass DeFi, without any technical knowledge.

Presentation 3

Qtum, a Proof of Stake climate-neutral DeFi and NFT ecosystem
Antonio Saaranen – Head of BD & Investment, Qtum Foundation

The 7th Global Blockchain Congress ‘Celebrating DeFi & NFTs’ In Retrospect-

Qtum is a  PoS based cryptocurrency with  Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) that combines ethereum’s smart contract functionality with bitcoin’s security to create a coin that is suitable for adoption by enterprises. Antonio Saaranen, prior to heading the investments profile for Qtum Foundation, was a technology analyst for ConsenSys Ventures and holds a Masters in Computer Science in security, cryptography and blockchain from Lund University in Lund, Sweden.

Qtum is a time-tested project that dates back to mid-2017. The project offers unique evolutionary technologies, namely, Account Abstraction Layer (AAL) and Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) that effectively solve Bitcoin and Ethereum drawbacks i.e, interoperability, rigidity, governance and the resource-intensive nature of PoW (Proof Of Work). Qtum allows Turing-complete smart contracts, and multiple virtual machines, including the Ethereum Virtual Machine which makes it easier to adopt apps and compile them for its platform.

Presentation 4

Inheriti, Digital Inheritance Secured
Jürgen Schouppe – CEO & CTO, Inheriti

The 7th Global Blockchain Congress ‘Celebrating DeFi & NFTs’ In Retrospect-

Watch Jürgen Schouppe explain his project that is an inheritance platform enabling virtually anyone to input critical data and get it encrypted using AES 256 encryption standard fragmented in multiple shares. Inheriti is a decentralized inheritance and private key backup solution that provides an infrastructure that involves the creation of a digital identity using NSA approved encryption technology.

Users can rest assured that the viable data that could be traced back to them and their ownership is completely safe with Inheriti and even quantum resistant. Smart contracts ensure that the data written to the inheriti’s system cannot be prematurely released and shall be only available to the heirs elected at the time of writing the inheritance.

The amount of beneficiaries to watch over your data is also a great feature that Inheriti provides. A user can store videos, images, documents, GPS coordinates, recipes, even passwords among anything that you need to protect and pass on to your lineage without being lost, misused or tampered with. Share every private thing you need with your heirs and decentralize your legacy with Inheriti.

Presentation 5

The Future is Dematerialised
Marjorie Hernandez – Co-Founder, LUKSO
Karinna Nobbs – Co-Founder, The Dematerialised

The 7th Global Blockchain Congress ‘Celebrating DeFi & NFTs’ In Retrospect-

Lukso is a Casper consensus mechanism enabled blockchain allowing for the creation of Universal Public Profiles that make remembering username and password redundant. Approved by BaFin, the German financial regulator, as a cryptocurrency, Lukso enables the creation of Digital Certificates by establishing a digital identity for physical and digital products and fostering a whole new sector of digital ownership. Lukso’s envisions cultural currencies where participants could connect and evolve lifestyle communities, Lukso involves the provision of Cultural currencies to attach measurable and transferable value to all socio-creative activity.

Dematerialised, on the other hand, is one of the first experiential markets for Digital fashion NFTs. A white-label product called DMAT OS enables fashion and luxury brands to build their own decentralized commerce system. Dematerialised is enabling anyone with an internet connection to access, trade and utilise digital fashion NFTs. The core concept of dematerialised is to give meaning to the NFTs and connect international consumers and providers in a large economic system where the value of fashion and supply chain is equitable and well-defined. By presenting at the Global Blockchain Congress, Lukso and Dematerialised shall get a great networking ecosystem for expanding their brand.

Presentation 6

Solving the Film Business Profitability Problem with Smart Contracts
Edward Mercado • Film Vault – Film Production Manager, estudios amazonia
g.a mercado • TheFaustFlick – Film Producer & Director, estudios amazonia

The 7th Global Blockchain Congress ‘Celebrating DeFi & NFTs’ In Retrospect-

See Edward Mercado explain the Film Vault, a Protocol with a Dapp and smart contracts for anyone to Learn, Invest and Profit from the $23 Billion Independent Film Industry. Out of the many films that are developed and released, most of them fail, only a few manage to break even and others tend to make the desired profits. It is a general presumption that the celebrities acting in the movies have a large influence on mainstream success. Edward Mercado from the Film Vault and G.A Mercado from TheFaustFlick expressed their calculated pain points in the film industry and put forth a resolution to the inefficiencies in finalizing the scripts and developing them.

Since the movie scripts are largely untouched by most of the producers as their assistants do all the due diligence, the former just approves the script on the whim of these assistants and starts building without actually reading them. The Film vault protocol approaches the hurdles of poor performance, failure and lack of screening with their product. The Film Vault provides anyone access to audio, screenplays, and profit from the $23 billion industry. Holders of the tokens shall access and review curated films and participate in the financial governance of approved projects.

Presentation 7

Making Crypto Ownership Simple, Worldwide!
Brian McGinty, Founding Leader, CryptoPerformance

The 7th Global Blockchain Congress ‘Celebrating DeFi & NFTs’ In Retrospect-

From thousands of cryptocurrencies to choose from, the investor cannot decide which asset to buy. CryptoPerformance pools together the recommended cryptocurrencies you’d like to buy and purchase them using your credit, debit card and other cryptocurrencies. The project is making purchasing digital assets with relative ease and also sending the crypto assets to a secure wallet.

Launched in late 2020, CryptoPerformance has procured its financial license and is KYC and AML regulated to help users buy cryptocurrencies without any difficulty. The project has over 10,000 users and over $9mn worth of digital assets have been purchased through the platform that offers 20 cryptocurrencies to choose from in a custom-tailored system. CryptoPerformance has struck partnerships with prominent payment processors such as Visa, Amex, Mastercard, PayPal, MoonPay, Indacoin and more.

The project has also implemented an Advantage Program wherein users can lock their CPC for 24 hours and earn a yield of 0.133% daily, 4%, and 48% daily, monthly and yearly respectively. With a current price of $7.01 and a market cap of $1.7 bn, the CPC coin by CryptoPerformance has been successful in a short span of time.

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