TradeDog & its TDeFi Accelerator strikes a Partnership With Hotbit Exchange

With crypto markets achieving new feats every day, TradeDog is thrilled to announce its partnership with Hotbit. Hotbit shall be the Ecosystem Partner of TDeFi and TradeDog will be its Research partner.

As both firms are equally determined to foster crypto adoption, the partnership is a collaborative effort to take the crypto revolution to the masses. We are delighted with this partnership as it will be geared towards bringing innovation to the fore.

TDeFi, TradeDog’s Acceleration arm, will provide an exclusive opportunity to Hotbit to invest in the seed round of the projects incubated by TDeFi. Users and traders on Hotbit shall gain first access to TradeDog’s swarm of products such as institutional-grade In-Depth and Lite reports, Sector Watch and Insights Reports aimed at providing well-structured and conclusive information about the entire crypto ecosystem.

About Hotbit

As Top 10 exchange globally on Coingecko with 10 points in trust score, Hotbit, as one of the most famous digital assets exchange platform, was founded in January, 2018 and had gotten the compliance licences from Estonia, USA, Australia and Canada. Hotbit has developed and integrated various forms of businesses such as spot trading, financial derivatives, cryptocurrency investment and DAPP into one platform and has extended business reach over 210 countries and regions, and gained 1,300,000 registered users around the world.

About TradeDog

TradeDog is one of its own kind research and advisory platforms focussed on driving crypto adoption through its institutional-grade analysis and unbiased investment reports compiled by proper due diligence. Our panel of analysts connects with the projects team and founders to get the latest insights and present the outcomes in a crisp and concise manner. 

TDeFi, TradeDog’s Acceleration arm provides access to World-Class Mentors, Industry Connections, Technology, Marketing & Community, Exchanges, liquidity, and growth hacking partnership opportunities to DeFi and NFT ventures to help them to grow at an unparalleled pace.

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