TradeDog Partners with CoinNewsExtra, Africa’s First Leading Crypto Media

TradeDog proudly announces that it has struck a partnership with Africa’s leading crypto news and Tv channel CoinNewsExtra. Under the partnership, TradeDog will be the research partner of CNE and the TV startup shall be the ecosystem partner of TDeFi.

About CoinNewsExtra

As a result of a lack of knowledge and misinformation about recent innovations and technologies, the need for rapid awareness and education became paramount. This challenge, especially in Africa, led to the creation of CoinNewsExtra headquartered in Lagos State Nigeria, the Western part of Africa in the year 2019.

CoinNewsExtra is a leading blockchain, cryptocurrency and finTech media platform with the aim of eradicating the lack of knowledge and misinformation. We are devoted to bringing in-depth knowledge and information on blockchain, cryptocurrency, finTech and emerging technologies.

CoinNewsExtra is in partnership with Sigma Group (Malta), HODL Community (Canada), India Blockchain Association, and a member of the FinTech Association of Nigeria. CNE is committed to bringing world-class information and knowledge on blockchain technology through its intuitive Android and iOS apps.

CNE has hosted the First Blockchain and Crypto Day during the Fintech week of the Fintech Association of Nigeria and co-hosted the First African CBDC Event (Central Bank Digital Currency). CNE has been media partners to many events organizers across the globe like Bitcoin Event in South Africa, AIBC Events in America, Europe and Asia respectively, African Digital Summit in Kenya, World leaders Summit Held online and many more. They take pride to be the leading global media platform in Blockchain and FinTech sector.

CoinNewsExtra’s website is filled with trending news updates, coin and price actions, bull and bear in market analysis and news on e-gaming. The YouTube channel discusses all sorts of blockchain news that span across financial, educational, medical and all other sectors, in various interview sessions. CoinNewsExtra has recently launched a 24/7 live broadcasting TV App geared towards informing and educating viewers on the true facts about blockchain innovation, its importance and its usefulness to our growth as individuals and as a country.

TradeDog believes that our compounding influence on the crypto ecosystem will bring enormous value for beginners, crypto enthusiasts, traders and investors alike. Our mutual mission to impart actionable insights to participants of the crypto ecosystem shall leave a deeper impact on how this space digests information.

About TDeFi

TDeFi is an Acceleration and Incubation Program for DeFi & NFT startups. The TDeFi team strives to bring the best methodologies and practices so that the projects in our cohort can harness the power of industry connections and a slew of services aimed at growth and sustenance. Our objective lies in helping the end-investor find value in worthy startups rather than vague ideas with flawed roadmaps. TDeFi flaunts 15+ crypto projects that comprise Bitay, SingularityDao, Aqar Chain, DeFi11, VulcanForged, Drife, xBTC, OroPocket, BTCProxy and many more. By advising and mentoring these startups, we intend to establish a world of sustainable and high-performance ecosystems driven by decentralization at the heart.

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