Why Discord is the Ultimate Community Management Tool for Web3 Projects

Why Discord is the Ultimate Community Management Tool for Web3 Projects

In traditional companies, the community doesn’t play much of a role in decision-making; the power lies mostly with top-level management. Whereas in Web3 project’s community is cited as a core investment thesis. Web3 projects aim to decentralize the decision-making power of community members. Discord is a web2 platform, established in 2015, a centralized 7-year-old chat and voice platform. It is supported by three pillars, which encourage web3 communities to organize around it.

Three Pillars of Community for Web3 Project on Discord

A community is built on relationships, identities, and incentives. Let’s take an example here, Aditya is a calligraphy enthusiast. Why would he prefer joining a calligraphy group instead of doing it alone at home?


Being a part of the calligraphy group gives Aditya an opportunity to interact with more players in the community. He can talk to like-minded people, exchange ideas, learn from their experiences, and compare notes on the recent development in the calligraphy business. This will help them build relationships with enthusiasts in the same field.


Being a part of a community gives Aditya a sense of belongingness. He introduces himself as a member of a calligraphy group instead of just an individual calligrapher. This gives him a kind of status, especially if the club is renowned. 


Aditya enjoys the benefit of networking with other calligraphers, where he gets more opportunities to work and earn. He gains access to lots of businesses where he can sell  creativity. 

We rarely find all three pillars equally present in our communities. Depending on the nature of the society, one pillar may be more deeply embodied than the others.

Why Discord has become a must for Web3 projects to maintain their community?

Discord is often used as the leading platform for most DeFi and NFT projects and plays a vital role in their ecosystem. Sandbox, Star Atlas Somnium Space, and many others have an official server to engage with their community. It plays a vital influential role in selling NFTs since its size determines the number of requests from users and buyers in the market of operations. The larger the community, the more people are willing to buy NFTs. 

Users can also communicate directly with top management in Discord regarding innovations, fashion, and technology in NFT, blockchain, crypto, metaverse, and other Web 3 issues, such as CEOs, game developers, and artists. Users receive verified and trustworthy news, comments, and insights from many Web 3.0 fields.

How Discord has become the platform for community management?

Since its inception in 2015, Discord has risen to 150 million monthly active users (MAU). With the majority of users under the age of 35, it has the potential to become the standard platform for creating online communities.

While other social media platforms are mostly used as a one-way communication tool between a brand and its followers, the Discord platform can provide tools that enable followers to interact with other followers or brands/teams. This interaction helps in community building.

DAOs and NFT Projects are two of the most successful communities on Discord today. These projects use Discord’s channels and Bots to create and improve tier community experiences.

Discord Channels 

Channels are highly flexible; they support both text and voice and can be set as private or public. You can create various channels according to your requirements like:

  • Announcements and FAQs
  • General or Specific Discussion
  • Forum Discussion
  • Events

You can design your channel according to your community’s interests. If managed well, it is a very powerful tool to drive strong engagement and interactions in the community. 

Discord Bots

Discord bots’ most extraordinary feature is their ability to implement bots to streamline or automate specific tasks. These are AI-powered tools developed by Discord or other parties and implemented into Discord servers. While Discord does not create unique bots for users, it provides pre-made bots that users can customize to meet their needs.


Discord has unlocked novel ways of social engagement for building communities. It is up to the project team (and community members) to create a virtual area that satisfies the community’s demands. Discord offering customization to communities has made this a go-to-platform for hosting virtual communities in web3 space. 

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