Engines of Fury: An Action Packed Web3 Experience 

Engines of Fury


Built on Unity, Engines of Fury is a Web 3-based combat and exploration game. The game falls in the category of MMORPG and aims to bridge the gap between the web2 and web3 worlds by delivering a high-quality (AAA) gaming experience. 

The game is not built on the Play to earn narrative, however, it does incorporate the play-and-earn model, enabling users to earn as they engage and make progress within the game. The game incorporates single-player modes (PVE), Multiplayer modes (PVP), and tournaments.

The game integrates NFTs as in-game characters, and high-quality 3D graphics, and enables players to Create, Explore, Fight Challenge, and Trade. Let’s take a deeper dive into the upcoming flagship game with this blog.


Unlike web 2 games, web 3 games have not been able to give a high-quality experience to the players when it comes to specific dynamics like graphics, storyline, and engagement. Engines of Fury envision addressing these issues and bridging the gap between web2 & web3 gaming ecosystems by taking the quality of the game dynamics to the AAA level.

The game aims to deliver a seamless UI experience, that allows players to enjoy the game just like any other web2 game. The integration of a non-custodial wallet would be easy,  and several “crypto” related aspects would be implemented in such a way that players don’t face any hassle. Alongside this, the game would eventually educate players about the benefits of blockchain technology and related concepts like asset ownership and interoperability, DAO voting, User-generated content, and more.

BUIDLers behind the project

The team assembled at Engines of Fury is made up exclusively of seasoned experts, former studio founders, and board members from marketing, UX/UI, and game development firms. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in gaming as well as general aesthetics and visuals, thanks to their backgrounds. 

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Saulius Aleksa, Founder & CEO at Engines of Fury has been associated with the project for almost 2 years now. Alongside, he is also the founder & partner at Flair Digital a design & branding offering service company. His background experience highlights having worked as a consultant in multiple startups. 

Edvinas Mandravickas, the CTO at Engines of Fury is a skilled software engineer and has worked for over 2.5 years at Unity Technologies. Being a skilled programmer, he has his Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

Being gaming evangelists themselves, the core team members identified the shortfalls of the current web3 games which focus on luring players by over-exploiting narratives like “play to earn” and lack the real gaming experience.

Addressing such issues, the makers of Engines of Fury believe that such games will not sustain in the long run, so they are building their game in such a way that it fulfills the web2 gamers’ expectations and aligns with their behavior.


Engines of Fury host Single-player, Multiplayer, and Arena PvP modes. In the Single-player mode, the game is PvE (player vs environment) where players select the boss and difficulty levels and choose weapons for the fight. The fight against computer-controlled enemies takes place in mini-dungeons if the user can clear the dungeon, the level is conquered. On winning, users are rewarded with XP (experience points) or maybe with $FURY tokens/NFTs. Subsequently, upon losing, they receive a small amount of XP.

The multiplayer mode includes a Co-op PvE Boss fight, where a group of players (friends or randomly selected players) based on characters’ levels and MMR (matchmaking ratio) can select the boss and fight against it. They receive the same rewards as that in single-player modes. 

The Arena PvP mode allows players to play in 1v1, 3v3, and tournaments. Players stake $FURY tokens and match against randomly selected players, based on the level of the staked amount and the competitor’s MMR. Players play in 3 sets of fights and the first player(s) to reach 0 hit points are considered defeated and the winning players receive victory points. The winning team receives 95% of the entire staked tokens, and 5% are transferred to the treasury pool of the game. 

Overall, the game is designed to be engaging and addictive with providing Esports-like thrilling experience. The game allows players to choose game modes that fulfill their expectations and allow them to utilize the potential of web3 by enabling them to earn rewards in tokens.

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What makes the game stand out?

Being an AAA quality level game in itself, Engines of Fury has multiple standout features like cross-platform accessibility, multiple game modes, staked fights, character customizations, play & earn features, NFT integration, and much more, making it better than many other tier-1 blockchain games. 

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Token Economics

The game incorporates a single-token deflationary model. $FURY, the native token of the game has a total supply of 120 Mn tokens is essentially a utility token that is used for the following: 

  • Minting NFTs
  • Purchasing NFTs (characters, weapons, and other in-game assets)
  • Participating in multiplayer tournaments 
  • Staking incentives (early access, in-game perks, whitelisting for INOs & exclusive drops)

The project aims to host its IDO on launchpads like GameFi & DAO Maker (dates TBA) at a price of $0.250 and raise $348K. The project has successfully closed its pre-sale and private round, raising $4.548 Mn against 14% of the total supply. Following are some more metrics highlighting the token economics of $FURY:

  • Circulating Market Cap (Initial): $1.197 Mn
  • FD Market Cap: $30 Mn
  • Circulating Supply: 4.788 Mn

Token Distribution:


Partners and backers

A number of leading blockchain investors and partners have backed Engines of Fury, including Animoca Brands, LD Capital, Double Peak Group, Metavest Capital, Decubate, Kyros Ventures, DWeb3 Capital, Metrix Capital, SL2 Capital, Raptor Finance, Mintable, Polychain Monsters, BTC12 Capital, Unix Guild, Good Games Guild, and other VCs. 

Given the state of the market, the project has secured the support of some A-players as its backers and the market capitalization of $FURY also appears to be on the conservative side ($1.1 Mn IMC, $30 Mn FDMC). These factors may help the project draw the attention of retail investors when the markets revive.

Closing Remark

Blockchain gaming has been the only standpoint that attracted the investors’ eyeballs amid the crypto winters in 2022, raising around $7.6 Bn in total. Looking at the value propositions like AAA graphic quality, web 2 like gaming UX, digital ownership of assets as NFTs, and strong backing by ventures like Animoca and others, Engines of Fury can be a pivotal project that may change the entire landscape of web3 gaming as we look at it presently.

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