International Demo Day for DeFi and NFT Ventures by TDeFi

If you are a DeFi/NFT venture who is aiming to scale up the operations working along with world-class mentors and industry experts then this accelerator program is nothing less than a gift to you. 

TDefi in partnership with Agora Group brings to you the world’s first DeFi pitch and demo week. Meet the mentors and Pitch your idea while the world watches you online.

Apply Now to participate and get a chance to be part of TDeFi acceleration program.

The emergence of dapps and development in the DeFi ecosystem calls upon a swift and agile methodology for scaling the growth of early-stage startups. Ventures appearing on the DeFi front have been performing really well, for instance, the meteoric rise of YFI and its forks in no time, and Uniswap becoming the top dex in the crypto ecosystem. The TVL in the defi space has also been rising significantly over the last few months. DeFi’s hotbed, yield farming, interoperability, collateralized loans, cross-chain swaps etc. has spawned innovative ideas that have made worthwhile contributions to the crypto economy.

The TDeFI team is hosting the world’s first International DeFI Pitch and demo week from 2nd to 5th December 2020. Startups who have applied for the acceleration program or will apply before Nov 30th, 12 pm GMT will be given an opportunity to pitch their product to the TDeFI team (Both in-person and Virtually). The event will be attended by Institutional Investors, Family Offices, VC funds, Press and Media Influencers, Industry leaders and many more.  Startups who have the appeal to disrupt the ecosystem will be selected to be a part of the acceleration program and will be invited for the Demo Day on 5th December 2020.  TDeFi selected startups can unlock varied benefits such as early-stage capital, networking opportunities and more in the exclusive investor meetup in this week-long DeFi congress.

In our current acceleration drive, we are actively seeking the most exciting projects led by inspirational teams who want to disrupt the status quo. Upon qualifying for the cohort, you gain full access to- World-Class Mentors, Industry Connections, Technology, Marketing & Community, Exchanges, Liquidity, Growth hacking partnerships and more.

Meet other disruptive ventures in our TDeFi acceleration cohort,

POP Network: A Decentralized Streaming Network

OroPocket: A universal platform for investment in precious metals 

DFyn: A low fee Automated Market Maker exchange with L2 scaling

xBTC: A digital asset pegged to Bitcoin’s market dominance.

TDeFi is opening channels of industry resources for advancement, ecosystem expansion and expediting business growth through our accelerator program. Our incubation model comprises evaluation and screening, and once qualified, you gain open access to roadmap development, planning, execution, marketing, fundraising, and structuring legal and governance models for your startup.

Inviting you to hop on the bandwagon, let’s innovate something marvellous together!

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