TDeFi Onboards DeFiPie in its Second Cohort

TDeFi onboards DeFiPie in its second cohort. The project provides combined access to Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS), Liquidity Pool-as-a-Service (LPaaS) AND Staking-as-a-Service (SaaS) on one platform. Dubbed as ‘The SuperApp of DeFi’, DeFiPie enables effortless navigation in the DeFi space by integrating data from countless services and protocols. Co-founded by Aleksei Kopievskii (Software Dev) and Maksim Malikov (Blockchain Dev), DeFiPie’s major intent is to enable anyone to access a suite of highly demanded features from one interface.

DeFiPie Overview
DeFiPie has pragmatically crafted the platform to consolidate leading services for providing a new level of user functionality. DeFiPie’s Custom Lending Pools, Collateralization Options, P2P marketplace and Yield farming opportunities gives the user the freedom to switch between pools for optimised returns and give maximum control in their hands. The protocol helps users:

· Conduct automated lending in a P2P loans marketplace

· Match their loans with maximal efficiency due to DeFiPie’s sophisticated matching engine

· Stake with a wide range of assets including XTZ, ATOM, DOT, and ADA.

· Create liquidity, lending, and staking pools.

For more information on its protocol please visit their Medium Publication

The TDeFi team is pleased to have on-boarded the visionary DeFiPie project in our cohort. With the mainnet launched and the product ready to be used, Defipie is one of those few ventures in this ecosystem that are bringing value and not just raising money with a deck. We continuously seek value-driven DeFi and NFT startups that can resonate with the user community’s desire and provide them with a seamless experience. With so many innovative projects appearing on the DeFi front, it is evident that the DeFi industry can trigger a new wave of adoption. DeFiPie is doing just that by empowering its users to transfer and trade value without bounds.

List of startups in our first Cohort

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