TDeFi onboards DFyn for its Acceleration Program

TDeFi, an acceleration program for DeFi and NFT projects has onboarded DFyn in its cohort. We are pleased to introduce ‘DFyn’ which is a first community-governed, low-fee AMM exchange on layer 2 protocol (Matic) that gives users access to the best yields across the major pools.

DFyn propagates various scaling solutions to address the largest hassle Ethereum was born with. Dubbed as Fair DeFi, the startup is concocting a platform that offers interoperability, speeds, transparency, community rights, and provides access to social and non-fungible tokens in one comprehensive offering. 

DFyn has entered in a partnership with MATIC which has equipped DFyn with the capacity of L2 scaling properties. While MATIC’s L2 scaling would help increase the throughput significantly, merging with Polkadot as a middle layer will together help the exchange carve a better ecosystem of yield farming, token swaps, with negligible fees and faster transactions. Polkadot’s middle layer creates parallel chains or Parachains that interact with each other. This mechanism prevents chains of blocks getting clogged as the transaction data is stored across parallel chains allowing a large number of requests to be processed swiftly.

DFyns imperviousness to network congestion is the desired introduction in a way that it could even see an exodus of users from other DeFi protocols. TDeFi is ensuring that DFyn gets access to mentorship by experienced industry leaders,  investors and community outreach, best-in-class compliance and legal support and an extended team that believes in contributing sweat and blood to make the venture successful. Our belief in DeFi is unrelenting, and with another startup in our acceleration drive, TDeFi is eyeing on disruptors that will make DeFi crypto’s final frontier.

Dfyn is also working on providing a comprehensive platform for social and Non-fungible tokens. Launching initially on the MATIC network, DFyn exchange’s interoperability and token allocation make it more accessible, cheaper and open to everyone.

DFyn features and offerings:

Governance Pool:

.05% of all the tokens mined will be allocated to the governance pool so that users can enjoy exercising their voting rights if they are participants in the community governance.

Insurance Pool:

Insuring the TVL in a DeFi protocol is vital to adoption and assuring the safety of assets. DFyn plans to insure a chunk of TVL with the help of Nexus Mutual and Opyn.

Crypto Media pool:

To support and applaud crypto journalism, DFyn intends to allocate some token here as well. The tokens in this pool will be rewarded to the top three crypto media authors every week.

DeFi grants:

Grants for promising DeFi startups


The tokens of this pool are intended to be randomly allocated to 5% of all active liquidity providers on a periodic basis with on-chain validation.


Tokens aggregated from this pool shall be utilized into philanthropic efforts.

Wild Card Pool:

A pool for the community! the community can do whatever it wants after they arrive at a consensus

Equipped with the necessary elements that prioritize its community, DFyn is set to increase adoption and community outreach for its innovative exchange.

TDeFi is an initiative to jointly add our sweat and blood whilst reducing the need for tears to projects we work with. Through our accelerator program, we are opening applications for all projects that are working in DeFi or cutting edge technology space that have the ambition of unparalleled growth in the quickest time possible.

Were looking for projects that have the idea(s), drive and passion sufficient to thrive for years to come and be true “game-changers” in their respective fields.

DeFi startups Please apply here

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