TDeFi onboards XFAI in its Acceleration Program

XFai is a set of autonomous liquidity provision and management smart contracts on leading Decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap.

Incubated by TDeFi, XFai is solving IDO launch inefficiencies on the Decentralized exchanges which constitute increased Gas fees, failed transactions and complex liquidity mining procedures. XFai believes smaller-capped token holders should benefit equally to Dexs which reward high-capped token holders for providing liquidity. XFai’s smart liquidity pool solution in essence resolves this problem by bridging CEX and DEX liquidity without having to manage token liquidity or perform trades on CEXs. To help small capped token holders earn a return on their holdings, XFai employs DeFi DLO or the Dex Liquidity Oracle to increase the trading volume of Dexs thus improving the ROI in various Dex pools. XFai’s approach would also eliminate the failed transaction fees and would only incur a fee, only on validated transactions.

How does it work?

The process of Liquidity provisions on Dexs is complex and costly due to multiple transactions coupled with high Gas fees on each stage. XFai enables token holders to add their assets to the DLO liquidity pools by submitting just one transaction rather than engaging in multiple steps. This saves a lot of money and equips users with the ability to set their slippage for the most favourable conditions at all times. XFai graphs the DeFi space and allows token holders to join the liquidity pools for a more price-efficient and more optimized liquidity depth. With these innovative implementations, it would be easier for traders and investors to navigate to Dexs and participate in liquidity provision, thus supporting token growth. More information on its mechanism can be found in its Whitepaper.

XFai is making DeFi usage easier and cheaper for all market participants who are after easy and low-risk investment opportunities and better user experience. And it is visible from its recent amity with’s founder Roger Ver, a crypto veteran who is backing the project from his own investment arm. 

XFai’s Liquidity Generation Event or LGE is scheduled to go live on Thursday, April 15 which is the world’s first event of its kind. XFai’s is poised to be a revolution for the untapped $250 bn+ market size of small and mid-cap tokens. This could be the perfect opportunity for thousands of enthusiasts who want to experience high APYs without having to worry about DeFi’s complex functions.

About TDeFi

TDeFi, TradeDog’s Acceleration arm provides access to World-Class Mentors, Industry Connections, Technology, Marketing & Community, Exchanges, liquidity, and growth hacking partnership opportunities to DeFi and NFT ventures to help them to grow at an unparalleled pace.

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