Axie Infinity: TradeDog In-Depth Report

Axie Infinity Project Report

Axie Infinity is an NFT-based play-to-earn game built on the Ethereum blockchain and currently running on the Ronin sidechain. Axie Infinity shards (AXS) is the native token for the axie ecosystem. The token provides exposure to governance, staking rewards, and marketplace to the participants. 

In this TradeDog In-Depth Report, you find detailed information and analytical aspects of Axie Infinity including 

  • Project Overview 
  • Why play Axie Infinity 
  • Tokenomics 
  • On-Chain Analysis 
  • Competitor Analysis 
  • SWOT Analysis 
  • Market Opportunity 
  • Technical Analysis 
  • Team 
  • Roadmap 
  • Conclusion 

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