Proof of Attendance Protocols: Memories on Blockchain

Proof of Attendance Protocols:

To remember a particular memorable event, conference, seminar, or other gathering that you attended, we generally have a name badge from a conference that we attended as a memento. 

What if these physical badges are made digital and stored on the blockchain?  

This would eliminate the chances of your memento being lost. You can always access them whenever you want, feel glorified and celebrate your professional journey after retirement.

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Thus, the Proof of Attendance protocol seems like a perfect solution to help us collect all our memories without worrying about its preservation. 

What is the Proof of attendance protocol?

Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) uses blockchain technology to produce digital collectibles or badges. Minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain, POAPs are ERC-721 tokens designed to acknowledge and document event attendance. 

These unique NFTs are typically distributed without charge to attendees of events, serving as verifiable evidence that the holders were present. POAPs can be compared to a collection of concert tickets, with the difference being that they are digital and protected by blockchain technology.

To date, 27.3K issuers have minted 6.3 Mn POAPs.

Applications of POAP

Twitter or Audio Events

Participants from all around the world can listen to your live event and mint the POAP. POAP issuers would provide the collectors with a secret word. When entered in the collector’s POAP app, this code enables the minting of a POAP. Because anyone who knows it can make your POAP, the word must be protected at all costs. 

Airdropping POAPs to selected Ethereum addresses

An issuer can create an allowlist of valid wallet addresses to mint a particular POAP. Collectors can mint their POAP by visiting the designated URL and entering their wallet address. It restricts the user from minting the POAP if the wallet address is not from the list.

Ex: SushiSwap airdropped POAPs to those who voted for its governance proposals and their AMA attendees.

Adoption of Proof of Attendance Protocol

POAP has got 100K+ downloads of its app on Google Play. Influencers like Steve Aoki, the world-renowned DJ, dropped a POAP to fans attending shows and special events while  Decentraland also gave out POAPs for virtual event attendees in its metaverse.

Their website claims that organizations like Adidas, Vogue, Citi, Goldman Sachs and many more companies have used POAPs to connect with their communities and celebrate their fans.


POAP is quickly gaining popularity as a method of verifying and remembering conference and seminar attendance. Its applicability can go beyond certifying physical events, with digital media linked to the NFT to create new experiences with blockchain technology, which is being embraced by the world’s top tech businesses.

POAPs empower content creators and influencers by allowing them to reward their most engaged followers by dropping them for notable contributors and those present for important milestones or events. The possibility of earning a POAP can convert a passive follower into an active one. The POAPs data can be used to identify early adopters and reward them with exclusive products and gated communication channels for their active contribution. 

This seems like an interesting tool that allows you to photo frame your life memories without worrying about their proper preservation while allowing one-click access similar to accessing our photos through our mobile gallery.

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