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TradeDog is an ‘Independent Financial Advisory’ Firm registered in the UK. The core team and advisors of the company are veterans of the crypto industry with vast networks across multiple international geographies. Thus enabling significant Market Intelligence through research and analytics on Cryptocurrencies and Token Projects. We cater to Retail investors through our multi-day ‘Trade Advices’ and research ‘Lite Reports’ on various Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain projects. Our more comprehensive based service offerings also include a range of institutional grade focused products such as ‘In-Depth Reports’, ‘Portfolio Management’ ‘IFA’, etc.

We currently boast an actively growing community of 300,000+ in our combined network of affiliates. We have more than 20 committed Funds/HNIs and over 1.5 million Email subscriptions. Due to our unique position we hold prime positioning to access the attention of a vibrant and eager Indian Market with a population of 1.3 billion. We hold the keys to a considerable shift of attention to any projects and exchanges they engage with.

With the many active partnerships and accomplishments under our belt, we have quickly become one of the most sought after crypto intelligence platforms amid traders, investors and funds working in the crypto market. Our team comprises of seasoned traders, fund managers and visionaries who have many years of experience in the crypto domain and have been imparting their skills and knowledge to the community with great fervour. Our combined network outreach covers APAC, EU, MENA regions. TradeDOG has helped investors capitalize on market intelligence built through strategic partnerships and trends to bolster their learning and make sound profits along the way.

We are aggressively working on many new partnership opportunities with other industry leaders that have a shared vision of growth. Our user base with many more collaborations and partnerships continues to expand.

Let’s look at some of our partnerships

  1. TradeDOG and India Crypto Bulls Roadshow

2. Crypto Bulls Roadshows 2020 is the world’s biggest Tech-awareness roadshow which will be taking place across 14+ major cities in India. This initiative is taken by O1ex Capital in partnership with TradeDOG. The roadshow and the participating projects will be touching a user base of 2 mn+ people, multiple accelerators, funds, and investors. The roadshow has also been nominated by Guiness world record. TradeDOG’s outreach to these potential crypto participants will be highly beneficial for all its partner projects.
The roadshow has got a lot of attention from the media house and government authorities of India. The details can be found in the the following channels
Crypto Emotions, Tron weekly, Silicon India, Coinpedia, Coingape, CoinCodex, BraveCoin

3. TradeDOG and QUME:
QUME is the first exchange to truly bring wall street level sophistication to the worldwide crypto derivatives markets. TradeDOG partnered with QUME, for Derivatives Trading Traffic. TradeDOG team is also working with QUME to develop user acquisition strategies in Indian Market.

4. TradeDOG and Cashaa– The Next Generation Banking Platform
Cashaa fills the gap between the existing financial system and emerging non-user friendly technologies by presenting a secure and simple way to use payments and banking architecture that aims to lower the financial inclusion barriers and provide financial services to the banked and unbanked. TradeDOG has partnered with Cashaa to develop research reports, growth strategy, and assistance in its IEO.

5. TradeDOG and O1ex
O1ex Capital is an Investment advisory and consulting firm based out of Dubai. Its core focus lies in blockchain and crypto investments. COTI, TOP Network etc are few of the portfolio companies. TradeDOG has partnered with the fund to provide research and analytics on its portfolio projects. This has helped the fund to invest in profitable projects.

6. TradeDOG and Cryptoknomics
Cryptoknowmics is an innovative and decentralized platform that serves almost every aspect of the crypto space. It aims to be the top destination and the largest media portal in the crypto space and the all-in-one solution for information and services for the industry. TradeDOG has partnered with Cryptoknowmics as a media partner and runs a separate page on the portal where all the research reports and advisory reports are published. The portal has an organic reach of 150,000+ web traffic and telegram following. All these users have access to TradeDOG’s reports.

7. Social Media touchbase:
TradeDOG has exclusively partnered with multiple telegram groups having a combined reach of 200,000+ telegram members, twitter influencers and prominent figures from the crypto industry. We are joining forces with many others and have a growing user base with many more collaborations and partnerships to uphold.

Our team continues to attract invitations to multiple keynote sessions in some of the largest events happening across the globe. With our current main focus on the unique and growing Indian Ecosystem. Some of the events have been listed below


TradeDOG at ChainBusters- A roundtable discussion

Mr. Gaurav Dubey, MD & CEO of O1ex Capital, is an advisor to TradeDOG. He is one of the very early investors of the crypto ecosystem. O1ex capital is a crypto investment firm based out of Dubai with some projects like COTI, TOP Network etc in its portfolio. He has been invited as a keynote speaker at various conferences. Recently he was a part of a roundtable conference with leaders of the crypto ecosystem of India. He talked about the growth in crypto users in India and challenges that need to be resolved for building an accommodative ecosystem for blockchain startups. Here is the link to find more details of the event:

TradeDOG at Tradefest- To discuss the impact of COVID-19

TradeDOG was invited to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the Crypto Industry. We will share the details in our next blog.

Tradedog at TradeFest — Largest crypto trading fest of India

Market Analyst from TradeDOG was invited for a keynote session in TradeFest — The largest crypto trading fest of India and one of the most recognized events for traders in the crypto ecosystem. Tradedog was highly appreciated for its rich expertise in the crypto space and its understanding of the market trends and investment research. Here is the link from the event——2

Tradedog at Investment meetup by Harmony and Inblox

Investment Analyst from TradeDOG was invited for a keynote session in a community meet-up powered by Harmony- These meetups attract a huge community from Indian ecosystem .The community was excited to know about our approach to conduct project due-diligence. We discussed the evaluation criteria and how parameters like team synchronization, founder’s vision and approach, market size plus other key areas has impact the success of a project.

Our users following us have been extremely profitable with the services. TradeDOG believes that every crypto enthusiast should come forth and engage with this ever growing and innovative field and we provide our acclaimed due diligence, market research reports and trend analysis to help them sail through volatility and bull & bear markets. We’ve made crypto simple and intuitive for beginners and crypto-shy users who want to dive in but don’t have the necessary resources to begin with.

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