Project Hive: CyberPunk Style GameFi Protocol

Hive Project Report

In the GameFi industry, it is often seen that games have lost their soul and have become more of a yield aggregator than a means of fun. With the top play-to-earn games like axie infinity being static and boring, there is an immense need for games with an adequate balance between high-end graphics, playability, and earning potential.

About The Project Hive

Project Hive is a PVP-focused Play-to-Earn turn RPG providing a great mix of  NFT items, a Clan system, high-quality 3D graphics, and a PVE campaign. Most in-game playable items are represented as NFTs and are transferable and tradeable as players retain complete control over their in-game assets. This also allows for the creation, upgrading, and trading of NFTs in order to earn extra money and participate in game development.

Project Hive is essentially a cyberpunk-style mobile game. Currently, the game is available on Play Store but soon will have a version live for IOS as well, ensuring Mass Adoption by users irrespective of the device they use. The mobile-friendly nature of the game also ensures tapping into the mass audience of 2.2 Billion mobile gamers worldwide.


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To its core, the game features a cyberpunk-style environment and graphics that has a distinct futuristic look and vibe.The graphics look beautiful for a mobile game and the unique styling can attract a large user base interested in the sci-fi-themed gaming segment.

The 3D characters can be roamed around in the environment freely, although it is seen when engaging with enemies, the gameplay, as well as the engagement, has certain limitations.

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The core game mechanics revolve around two types of battles: Player vs Player (PVP) and Player vs AI (PVE).

As the users participate in the game, battling out in PVP as well as PVE settings, they are rewarded in form of tokens for the same. Hence showcasing the interactive Play to Earn aspects of Project Hive. The game will also feature 1v1, and 3v3 in the game’s PVP and PVE modes along with a  3v1 Boss PVE Battle as well. It can be seen in the game trailer, that the game features an open world where the cyberpunk-style avatar can roam around and interact with the environment. The player can also fight with other players by selecting several moves before each round.

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PvP actions that a user can do in the game:

  • Arena battles with randomly selected players having the same rank
  • Territory Wars with the aim of taking control of specific locations (Hive cells)
  • Repetitive in-game events and battles

PvE actions that a user can do in the game:

  • PVE chapters where the player can play in story mode
  • Repetitive in-game events and battles


The Hive game ecosystem operates around two tokens, HGT (Hive Governance Token) and IGT (Immersion Generation Token), both of which are operating on Solana.

  • ‌HGT  is the governance token, with a total supply of 18 Billion.
  • It can also be used in a number of in-game activities and mechanics, as well as a means of operation of the  DAO ecosystem. The HGT token can be earned inside the game for competing with other players in territory wars and the MMR ladder.
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IGT is the in-game token that has an unlimited supply. This acts as a payment token inside the ecosystem as transactions for almost every activity inside the game occurs using this token. It can also be used for buying boosters and powering up the in-game characters.

Token use case in the ecosystem

Players receive tokens as a reward for different activities:

  • Territory wars (bi-weekly Clan vs Clan multiplayer battles with rewards)
  • PvP duels and PVE chapters with limited daily rewards
  • PVP ranking season which are repeating events
  • Create and/or join a clan for additional daily rewards

Players use tokens to power up and earn the most:

  • Crafting and merging of NFT items 
  • Creating in-game avatars 
  • Purchase NFT items(weapons and armor) and skins from Marketplace
  • DAO voting


Details of the founders are unavailable on the website

Social Analysis

Twitter82.3KThe Tweet frequency is 3/week and the engagement rate is just 0.05% which is very low in terms of a gaming community channel.
Telegram129.4KInactive channel with only updates from the team.
Discord20.1KThe community engagement is low in the general chat and other windows, mainly the team is sharing messages and updates.
Instagram12.2KThis channel has an average engagement rate of 0.17%
YouTube5.27KThis channel hosts trailers, teasers, explanatory videos as well as AMA sessions. The engagement and reach of these videos however is low.

Personal Opinion

In my opinion, Project Hive brings a refreshing change to the current monotonous GameFi sector. The cyberpunk style graphics with an engaging PVP as well as the PVE model ensures that a gamer truly enjoys the game. Combined with the play-to-earn aspects, the game truly acts as an engaging and rewarding experience.

The fact that it is a mobile game is also a very great green flag as it opens a gateway to the high audience of mobile gamers and is a bright step towards mass adoption.

Although the team has high numbers when it comes to social media following, however, the engagement rate is low which signifies that a lot of inorganic elements are at play when it comes to community structuring.

The team is the only cause of concern when it comes to this project. The website does not mention the CoFounders, and the core team mentioned members who were past employees on a part time basis.

Overall, Project Hive seems like a decent project that every mobile gamer would like to engage with. The graphical supremacy and engaging gameplay when compared to other mobile web3 games make it a project to be on the lookout for.

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